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theDOLLDAZE – Blind Wilder (MP3)

“You ever been love blind?” theDOLLDAZE asks on her latest single “Blind Wilder” right before a crash of mood music hits. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, theDOLLDAZE doesn’t sing, she doesn’t even sang, this is my friends is a tour de force of vocal acrobatics. A girl with a guitar, the voice–not a voice and legs to die for. What’s not to like? The track is a buzz single from her upcoming album Mystic Novel: to be cont… Listen and download “Blind Wilder” below.

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GreatEclectic’s Debut Solo Show Opens April 14 at Studio 900

Art Nouveau Magazine is pleased to present Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him, the debut solo exhibition by artist/designer GreatEclectic at Studio 900 in Atlanta, GA. GreatEclectic gives viewers a glimpse into his elaborate rants and musings on fame, power, money, love, the rise and the fall and our generation’s obsession with celebrity. His signature aesthetic evokes a unique combination of pop culture semiotics and art history paired with a vibrant narrative. Works in the exhibition range from mixed media collages, to drawings, paintings and photography.

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Theophilus London, Debauchery & Strippers: Here’s What You Missed

This past Thursday, we celebrated three years of Art Nouveau Magazine with some very special guests. Brooklyn based rapper Theophilus London made his debut at the show will also featured showstopping performances by Tendaberry, theDOLLDAZE, Rahbi (aided by two strippers, yes strippers!), Ethereal, Aware and many many more. The scene was set to look like a circus featuring visuals from Atlanta’s visual army of GreatEclectic, Sean Fahie, Paper Frank and Corinne Stevie. Check out this video recap shot by K.D.

Rock & Roll Lives On At Ben Carson’s EP Release Party

Photography by Kendrick Daye

The energy was high for Ben Carson‘s “Melodic Monster” EP release party this past Thursday at WonderRoot. First up was Jack Preston. Jack Preston’s set was definitely hip-hop inspired, the only one of the night. Jack breezed through songs from his projects. He ended with the amped track “Psycho Mystic,” a song that calls to the mind Outkast’s best. Continue reading Rock & Roll Lives On At Ben Carson’s EP Release Party

Ben-Rocks: “Melodic Monster” EP Release Preview

On the night of September 30th at Wonder Root in Atlanta, I will be performing with some of Atlanta’s talented musicians for the release of my new EP Melodic Monster. The acts cover a good musical selection as Jack Preston will start the party off with his Hip-Hop flavor, giving the audience something to groove to before they get hit with some hardcore rock and roll. After Jack, Quench will take the stage and perform, followed by southern belle rocker the DollDaze. Finally I will take the stage and perform songs from my EP and I might sneak some new ones in there. You never know what will happen on a night like this so to prepare you, I’ve gathered some footage together to give you a hint of what’s to come.

Later Days…

Ben Carson – Selfish & Wasted

theDOLLDAZE – The Hard Way

Quench – Fat Cats

Jack Preston – Beet


“Melodic Monster” at WonderRoot feat Ben Carson, Quench & More

Halloween comes a little early this year. On Sept 30, Ben Carson will release his highly anticipated EP Melodic Monster. How does Atlanta’s resident rock star celebrate? With one of this years nastiest rock shows along side the brightest rock acts in Atlanta: theDOLLDAZE, Quench and Jack Preston. Doors open at 9 PM. The show starts at 10 PM. Tickets are $3 in advance and $5 at the door. And there are drinks under a $1, basically you can’t lose with this one. The first ten advance tickets will receive a free copy of Ben Carson’s EP Melodic Monster.

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Art Nouveau, GreatEclectic & Ben-Rocks.com present

feat performances by Ben Carson, theDOLLDAZE, Quench & Jack Preston

Hosted by Guy Anthony
Sounds by GreatEclectic

Sept 30 at WonderRoot
921 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30316

Doors open at 9 PM | Show Starts at 10 PM
Tickets: $3 in Advance | $5 at the door

Sye Spence’s “Mad Mad World” At 529 In East Atlanta, GA

Good weather, good people, and good music is all you need. The vibes were right in 529 this past Saturday for Mad Mad World. Sye Spence‘s EP release party sponsored by Art Nouveau and hosted by Coco & Breezy brought out an eclectic mix of fashion lovers, artists and music heads ready to party to the sounds of what’s new, now and next in indie rock music.

Ben Carson opened the show with booze infused performances of his songs “Selfish,” “Isabella” & “Wasted.” Sandflower, aided by lights on her fingertips, performed second. By the time theDOLLDAZE was on stage, the entire 529 had turned into a mosh pit. The singer went through songs the crowd knew by heart including “The Hard Way” & “Words.” Her guitarist got so into the performance he smashed his guitar all over the stage by the last song she performed.

Of course that’s a hard act to follow. But Sye Spence was intent on doing just that. Dressed in a zebra striped cat suit and six inch feather laced heels Sye Spence entered the stage like a Diva and belted through “A Merican Dream.” Her performance was a mixture of Beyonce and Lady GaGa, just enough theatrics to keep you entertained and more than enough vocal skill to catch anyone’s ear.

Sye’s EP Mad Mad World is available now. Take a closer look at photos from Mad Mad World taken by GreatEclectic. Click here for more. Watch this neat video wrap up below.

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Rahbi Brings Glitz, Glamour & Friends For “Strange Fruit V”

Everybody loves Rahbi, and this Friday you can find out why. August 13, Rahbi will present his latest extravaganza Strange Fruit V at the Apache Cafe in the Midtown area of Atlanta, GA. The singer/songwriter plans to put on a show inspired by the hey days of Studio 54. Performers include theDOLLDAZE, Shanell, Jay Scott, Ben Carson, Muffy and more. With sponsorship by Art Nouveau Magazine, Sesac, Rahbi & Blitz this will sure be a night to remember. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

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theDOLLDAZE – Lust (MP3)

Atlanta based singer/songwriter/rock star theDOLLDAZE recently leaked a new track “Lust” and I can’t help but be enamored with it. Taking an undeniable inspiration from the funk of Prince, theDOLLDAZE presents a new song that’s at once edgy and dare I say it radio friendly. “Lust” is the first leak from her upcoming full length project Mystic Novel: to be cont… due out January 2011. Listen and download “Lust” below.

MP3: theDOLLDAZE – Lust (Right Click + Save Target As)

Watch The Entire “Noise Porn” Show

Finally, footage from Art Nouveau & GreatEclectic’s “Noise Porn” show at Studio 1-5-0 in Atlanta. Check out video footage featuring live performances by RAHBI, Corinne Stevie, theDOLLDAZE, Ben Carson, Nemo, Sye Spence, Al K!ng, & Naira. The-Socials.com was also there to capture footage and interview singer/songwriter Sye Spence, blogger Scarlett Spade & producer Savvy Society. Check out the entire show below! And if you haven’t click here to download Noise Porn and the Noise Porn: Remixes album.

The-Socials.com Recap

Guy Anthony

Sye Spence

Ben Carson

Al K!ng




Corinne Stevie


Download “Noise Porn: Remixes” Feat Ethereal, GotDion & More

By now you’ve heard “Noise Porn.” Now hear the remixes of tracks by theDOLLDAZE, Rahbi, Corinne Stevie & more by GotDion, Timeshare, Corinne Stevie, Savvy Society, Ethereal & GreatEclectic. Listen and download the remixes below.

1. Kid Cudi & RAHBI – What’s That Sound (Remix)
2. theDOLLDAZE – Illuminate The Sky (GreatEclectic Remix)
3. Corinne Stevie – Grace Jones (GotDion Remix)
4. Sye Spence- Back (ETHERRMX)
5. Koohl Cardi, Ben Carson & Corinne Stevie – Noise Porn (GreatEclectic Mashuo)
6. Antonio Stapleton & KJ – #1 Fan (GreatEclectic “Heartbeats” Mix)
7. Naira – Nightmares (GreatEclectic “Sexy Time” Mix)
8. Guy Anthony – GLOW (GreatEclectic Mashup)
9. Corinne Stevie – Grace Jones (TIMESHARE REMIX)
10. Roz Bell – Anymore (GreatEclectic “Infidel” Mix)
11. Antonio Stapleton & KJ – #1 Fan (GreatEclectic “ClockStrikes” Mix)
12. Corinne Stevie & MERC – Grace Jones (Savvy Society Remix)
13. theDOLLDAZE- illuminate the sky (Corinne Stevie mix)
14. Sye Spence & Troi – Back (Savvy Society Remix)

theDOLLDAZE – Illuminate The Sky (GreatEclectic Remix) (MP3)

This track by Atlanta based singer/songwriter theDOLLDAZE has been my anthem for a while. She originally recorded the track for Art Nouveau Magazine’s music compilation Noise Porn. When it came to making remixes for the Noise Porn remix album I knew I had to tackle this one. Listen and download the GreatEclectic remix of “Illuminate The Sky” below.Noise Porn: Remixes drops next Monday, June 21.

“Noise Porn” Show At Studio 1-5-0 In Atlanta, GA

The most anticipated show of the Spring season has finally come and gone like most great things do. Noise Porn debut last Thursday at Studio 1-5-0 off of Marietta St. in Atlanta, GA. Headed by Kendrick Daye Aka Great Eclectic through his online magazine,  Art Nouveau Magazine, Noise Porn has transformed from a mass musical mixtape to a grand concert that included the best artist found in Atlanta. The list can go on for days starting with Rahbi, Corinne Stevie, the Doll Daze, Sye Spence, Al K!ng and even myself, Ben Carson. Even if you didn’t come for the music, just the energy and vibes of the show was enough to be in attendance for.

Free beer was being passed out in the house party form of white Styrofoam cups giving everybody a chance to get let there hair down for the upcoming weekend. Everyone was dressed in their own creative fashion form from the performers to the attendees which made this a true red carpet event. If you happen to drive by the studio, you would have definitely have gotten a few inspirations on your nest outfit. Hosted by 102.5 radio personality Zamir aka “Green Tea,” Noise Porn was ready to bring out the forces that everyone had been waiting for…

First up was new artist Guy Anthony who performed his song “Banger” and his Noise Porn offering song “G.L.O.W.” Shining in a sparkling red shirt laced with a red bowtie with matching red Nike sneaks and Fresh Printz shades on, Guy Anthony along with yours truly danced across the room in true glow fashion. Being his first time performing, I am glad to have been a part of Guy’s performance because he is bound to come off the ground faster than a GI Joe strapped to a bottle rocket.
Next up was rock star diva Sye Spence who dominated the audiences attention from their eyes to their ears. Her energetic yet soulful singing filled the room as her black, leather dress draped with silver chains caught the eye of everyone who dared to look. I had the pleasure of playing guitar to her track song “A Merican Dream” which is on her debut EP, Mad Mad World due out August 28.
For this being one of my first performances, I must say that it felt good to bring a song I made in my room out to the world. “Temptiation” is a song that I made some time ago which was featured in Art Nouveau Magazine. I took a few hints from the late Jim Morrison and did a short intro poem verse before the bass dropped for the song. I also performed one of my first songs called “Apple Tree” with the help of Sye Spence who added magical adlibs to the song.
After my performance,  I called Macon, GA star Al K!ng to the front to perform our Noise Porn song “Higher” which features me on the hook, this time singing in an R&B twist lending a hand for Al K!ng’s awesome verse. Al K!ng has an energy unlike no other and he definitely shows it through his music with songs like “Arts & Crafts” and “Beer in a Wine Glass.”
Next, Nigerian representer Naira stepped to the microphone and broke out with her Noise Porn contribution which was her seductive song “Nightmares.” Ready with her back up singers, Naira also performed her song “Overdrive” which offered a more faster vibe than “Nightmares.”
As if dressed for a Victorian funeral, the Doll Daze appear in the midst of the darkness with her band as they broke out with her song “Let It Blow” after she downed the inside contents of her flask. “Let It Blow” appears on her EP ACID REPORT: the missing peace along with another song that she performed titled “The Hard Way.” She ended her grand performance with her live rendition of her Noise Porn song “Illuminate the Sky.”
The show continued with Nouveau Music’s long running artist, Corinne Stevie. Dressed in true art fashion with the most shiniest, embroidered jacket on this side of the Mississippi with her trademark yellow Docks laced and ready for combat. She started off her set with her song “Cristal on the Moon,” produced by Miami resident Y Diz. She then went into her remixed Noise Porn rendition of her song “Grace Jones” which is more upbeat than its original version. Corinne even performed an old classic of hers, “Club Kidz” which is off of her first album Space Oddity.
After her performance, it was time to perform the Noise Porn’s album titled track “Noise Porn” which played through the first verse due to the absence of Khool Cardi. After the first verse, it was time for me to reappear to rap my verse on the title song (yeah, I rap too). In true rock star/gangsta fashion, I ran out on stage bare chested with baggy Girbaud jeans, and boxers completely visible. It was funny to actually rap again in front of a crowd as I had not done that since high school. The memories. Corinne Stevie came back to the stage with me to smash the end of the song with a hot verse where she says, “how the hell you drunk off fame and you only had a little sip?” Classic.
Last but definitely not least was the Hollywood star Rahbi who caught the attention of every eye in the room and outside of the room as he sported a bare chest with African tribe markings all over and wearing fur pants that I’m sure Animal Rights would have a fit about. You never know what to expect from a Rahbi show and he definitely entertains your every sense. Backed by an African drummer, dancers and even a guitar contribution by Brandon Thomas who performed with Anthony David. The sex poised musician performed his hit songs seducing the crowd after being escorted to the stage by Madame CJ. Rahbi is definitely the new Prince of the decade.
If you were looking to see the best of what Atlanta has to offer musically, the Noise Porn concert was definitely the place to see them… for free. From new artists to the ones you already love you couldn’t have gone wrong with this one. From Sye Spence’s daring attire, the Doll Daze’s boisterous performance, Corinne Stevie’s hypnotic vibe, to Rahbi’s sexual healing, there was every bit of a reason to be excited about this event. Through Art Nouveau Magazine, Kendrick Daye has always put on a good show, but I must say that this one tops them all. Not only because I performed (hehe) but the energy that was composed at Studio 1-5-0 was felt from the outside of the venue to the inside. Be on the lookout for Noise Porn II… I know you won’t want to miss it.
Check out photos courtesy of PicassosWay.
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“Noise Porn” Concert Apr. 22 in Atlanta

Art Nouveau Magazine + GreatEclectic present “Noise Porn”

4.22.10 at Studio 1-5-0
1000 Marietta St
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Show starts at 9:30 PM

Featuring live Performances by RAHBI, Corinne Stevie, Ben Carson, theDOLLDAZE, Al K!ng, Naira, Sye Spence & Guy Anthony.

#Free Entry all Night!
#Free Beer by Asahi

#Sounds by GreatEclectic
#Hosted by Zamir Green

Visit www.an-mag.com for more information and to download “Noise Porn.”

Limited physical copies of “Noise Porn” will be available at the event for $10.
Click Here to RSVP on Twitter

Click Here to RSVP on Facebook

Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic Present “Noise Porn” (Download)

Noise Porn is a 16-track music compilation featuring a slew of indie artists hand-selected and directed by Art Nouveau Magazine Editor in Chief Kendrick Daye aka GreatEclectic. The compilation features appearances by Rahbi, M.E.R.C. of Kumi Hues, Corinne Stevie, Koohl Cardi, Carmine, theDOLLDAZE, KJ, Ze!, Roz Bell, Nemo, Ben Carson, Mr. Brown, Al K!ng, Zamir Green, Guy Anthony, Naira, Sye Spence, Troy Haynes, Antonio Stapleton & Jessie Davis. Listen and download the full thing below.

Download: Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic Present “Noise Porn” (Right Click + Save Target As)

Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic Present “Noise Porn”

Noise Porn is a 16-track music compilation featuring a slew of indie artists hand-selected and directed by Art Nouveau Magazine Editor in Chief Kendrick Daye aka GreatEclectic. The compilation features appearances by Rahbi, M.E.R.C. of Kumi Hues, Corinne Stevie, Koohl Cardi, Carmine, theDOLLDAZE, KJ, Ze!, Roz Bell, Nemo, Ben Carson, Mr. Brown, Al K!ng, Zamir Green, Guy Anthony, Naira, Sye Spence, Troy Haynes, Antonio Stapleton & Jessie Davis.

Noise Porn will be released Feb 16th online. A version with bonus tracks will be released on iTunes in March. Track-listing and cover art below.


  1. What’s That Sound? starring Rahbi
  2. Noise Porn starring Koohl Cardi, Ben Carson & Corinne Stevie
  3. Holograms starring Corinne Stevie, Ze! & KJ
  4. #1 Fan starring Antonio Stapleton & KJ
  5. Fuck You, Pay Me starring Koohl Cardi & Carmine
  6. Grace Jones starring Corinne Stevie & M.E.R.C. from Kumi Hues
  7. Photographs starring Logik, Nemo & Zamir Green
  8. Twilight starring Ray Dolla$
  9. Anymore starring Roz Bell
  10. G.L.O.W. starring Guy Anthony
  11. Illumnate The Sky starring theDOLLDAZE
  12. Higher starring Ben Carson & Al K!ng
  13. Nightmares starring Naira
  14. Back starring Sye Spence & Troy Haynes
  15. Time Is Running Out starring Mr. Brown & Corinne Stevie
  16. Why Try To Change Me Now? starring Jessie Davis

To find out more about Noise Porn click here.

"Perfect Attendance" at 529 in East Atlanta

Do the ladies run this mutha? Apparently they do. I got the great opportunity to check out Fadia Kader’s “Perfect Attendance” show at 529 in East Atlanta. The show was a great way to start off the New Year as people packed to see the dopest female acts in the A. Show highlights were undoubtedly Corinne Stevie, TheDollDaze, Khaos Da Rapper and Brittany Bosco’s surprise improv performance with D.R.E.S. The Beatnik. Check out photos by Kendrick Daye below.

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