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Miss Jck Dvy gets Raw and Straightforward

Motherhood can bring out the best in any woman. Because in an instant your life is altered. Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Jck Dvy already had her plate full as one half of Indie Pop duo J*DaVeY. So naturally adding a son to the mix was bound to shake up things. Now with an added boost of confidence Jck is ready to take on the world again. We recently crawled all over Jck’s skin to talk motherhood, the inevitable return of J*DaVeY and her three part EP series LO-F!?. 

Art Nouveau: First off, congratulations on being a new mother. How did do you think that energy influenced your new project L0-F!?

Jck Dvy: My son definitely influences my every drive to create & share my gift with the World. He has helped me realize my purpose, so now nothing goes undone. If I think it I can realize it. L0-F! is me completely taking the reigns & fully realizing my purpose as an artist; to create selflessly and share. I feel like I’ve hoarded a lot of ideas, possibly due to a lack of self-confidence. Motherhood has boosted my confidence as not only an artist, but a woman as well.


AN: Your new project has a very distinct sound. What›s Jack Davey’s sonic aesthetic and how does it differ from J*DaVeY’s?

JD: Jck Dvy’s sonic aesthetic is really raw & straightforward. J*DaVeY is raw in a different way, a little more complex with lush soundscapes & movements. I love that both sounds are different; it’s a nice change of pace.


AN: What’s the meaning behind the title LO- F!?

JD:  L0-F! as in low fidelity. It›s kind of ironic since i did record the music onto my old powerbook in the oldest version of GarageBand, which is a digital recording format, but the lowest quality digital format. There’s music that sounds so over polished that it’s lacking soul. I’d rather it sound shitty & be full of soul than sound stoic. The drums are programmed, but not to a metronome so the tempos are all over the place. The ideas poured through me & i cut them in one take, and that was that. Low fidelity isn’t just the sound quality, but the attitude. DIY, raw, & sincere.

AN: Your son is almost a year old now. Do you play him your music?

JD: Of course, he’s been hearing my music since he was in the womb; I toured for eight months of my pregnancy with J*DaVeY so he heard it almost every night. Now when we›re riding in the car & he gets fussy all i have to do is play Side B & he instantly chills out. that›s pretty groovy!


AN: As a mother and musician has it been tough adjusting to the balance? How was your life before you were a mother? What’s your new life like now?

JD: …my boyfriend, Joey (who produced Side B) and I, we balance being working musicians with parenthood pretty well. There’s always music being made in our house which is super inspiring. Life before was wild & uncompromising, so of course that has changed with being a mother. Working harder, playing less.


AN: You’re releasing this project in three parts. What’s the significance of three?

JD: Well initially it was only Side A & Side B. I separated those two because they are two sepa- rate acts of the same play. Side B was actually recorded first, and the material was so good I didn’t want to just release it on it’s own & run the risk of people missing it. I recorded Side A as an appetizer for the main course. The D’Lux edition is the entire meal: appetizer, main course, & the dessert (3 bonus songs).


AN: As a J*DaVeY fan I’d be silly not to ask, what’s next for the band?

JD: We’re in the super beginning stages of recording a project called GRVT, but really we’re taking a little hiatus while Brooke tours with Miguel to focus on building our independent art imprint iLLaV8r.


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Art Nouveau Magazine Presents Blinkk Beats Vol 1: Reefa Madness

This holiday season, Art Nouveau Magazine wants your trees to smell a little bit stronger, your lights to burn a little bit longer, and your grass to grow a little bit greener; yeah, it’s that time of year again and lucky for you we’ve slipped a little something under the tree. In honor of 4/20, Miami-based Artist and DJ/Producer Kendrick “GREATeclectic” Daye and Atlanta-based DJ/Producer Savvy Society present you with a forty-minute ride into the pure, blitzed heaven they like to call Blinkk Beats Vol. 1: Reefa Madness.

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Def Sound Is A Rapper That Thinks Like A Painter

There’s that “aha” moment after some time of listening to tracks, watching videos, going to shows, reading interviews, following an artist on Twitter, Facebook and whatever social network that suits your fancy where you start to “get” them. I caught glimpses of this feeling while watching the Los Angeles based emcee Def Sound breeze through his charismatic verse on the standout track “Quicksand” from J*DaVeY’s recent mixtape “Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes.” Rapping lines like “paintbrush lust…yeah we paint pictures,” paired with allusions to Salvador Dali and Picasso turn the dance floor at The Masquerade in Atlanta to Art History 101. And I can’t be mad a bit.

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DJ Skeet Skeet Turns J*DaVeY’s Nirvana Cover Into A Party Monster

Fresh off their recent cover of LA Weekly, everybody’s favorite new wave duo J*DaVeY recently sent us this awesome remix of their cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ While their original cover was a sultry and soothing rendition, DJ Skeet Skeet turns the track into an all out experience in everything late night, early mornings, electronic, drug and sex induced. This is just one you have to hear. Listen and download it below. Macaulay Culkin would approve.

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J*DaVeY Takes A Raincheck

It’s Sunday evening at the New Era store in Downtown, Atlanta. The hat store is buzzing with life as media and fans begin to pack in for the event that is set to take place: a free J*Davey performance. The crowd isn’t your typical, you’ve got the J*Davey fans mingling with the urban New Era crowd and usually it would be a recipe for disaster, but tonight everything is just fine. After all the promise of Starbucks party platters, wings and Jose Cuervo is enough to make anyone get along.

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The “Girls, Girls, Girls” Issue Available Now

It’s officially spring. The birds are chirping. Pimps and players are flirting. And the girls? Well depending on who you ask, they run the world. It wouldn’t be spring without a tribute to the girls, girls, girls.

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New World Culture: J*DaVeY, Blu & Def Sound Invade Atlanta

In the ancient walls of the Masquerade venue in Atlanta, GA came an experience that has only happened once before in the southern state. On a rainy Wednesday night, hipsters, rockers and everyone in between were in attendance to see the LA musical duo J*DaVeY perform and bring their alternative pop sound live and in color to Atliens alike. Although having only released one two sided album to date with another one on the way, followed by four EPs, J*DaVeY has created a loyal following which showed in the attendance for their second debut in Atlanta. People were already crowded around the stage in preparation for a show they would never forget–unless certain toxins prevented them to do so. A night that opened up with notable hip-hoppers such as Atlanta’s own Lyric Jones, KeithCharles and LA rapper Blu ended with a banging performance by J*DaVeY.

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Enter To Win Tickets To See J*DaVeY & Blu In Atlanta March 30

Now this is something to look forward to. Next Wednesday, Los Angeles will take over Atlanta as J*DaVeY and Blu hit the Masquerade. The show is apart of their joint 15-date New World Culture Tour. Being a huge fan of J*DaVeY I’m more than excited about this show. I can’t wait to hear live versions of new tracks from their latest project the Evil Christian Cop EP.

Find out how you can win a pair of tickets to see J*DaVeY and Blu on us after the jump.

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Six Artists & Shows To See At SXSW

If I get another email about SXSW I’m going to scream. Even louder than I’m currently screaming because I won’t be there. A.K.A. Frowny Face. As painter Tatyana Fazlalizadeh tweeted, “#sxsw feels like all the fun kids leaving school for a field trip and you gotta stay back cus you didn’t get your permission slip signed.” If you’re one of those ‘fun kids’ with permission slips currently frolicking indie music heaven here are six artists and shows you must check out.

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Mondays Aren’t Boring When You Have New Music From J*DaVeY

And they say Monday’s are always filled with ennui. This Monday, Feb 21st, Los Angeles based duo J*DaVeY decided to make today feel like the weekend and drop their latest mixtape Evil Christian Cop. Fans have been waiting patiently for some new work from the duo and now they’ve help up their end of the bargain. The beauty and the beat are currently gearing up for their joint Spring tour with Blu. Take a listen and download the five track mixtape after the jump.

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Download J*DaVeY’s Lusty Cover Of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

I never thought I’d have to type a headline like the one above. I mean who knew “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” a song with so much angst, it’s more depressing than anything. Well leave it to J*DaVeY to sex anything up. The Los Angeles-based duo recently released this cover and well, it’s a bit lusty, like i like it. Lead singer Jack Davey brings new meaning to the lyrics “with the lights out” every-time she coos them. Listen and download the track after the jump.

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Ron English Covers Art Nouveau Magazine’s Summer Issue

These days Pop isn’t such a dirty word. It’s just another way of saying “Popular.” And there’s nothing wrong with being on top. When Andy Warhol said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, I doubt even he knew the effects the Internet would have on our popular culture. If any contemporary artist is the direct heir to Warhol’s legacy it’d be Ron English. His mastery at creating not just amazing artwork, but marketable products is a testament to an idea Picasso began and Warhol later perfected.

Also in this seasons’ Art Nouveau Magazine former Terry Richardson assistant Keicchi Nitta talks iconography, Fahamu Pecou, Sarah Weaver and Mr. Brainwash are Neo-Pop saviors, J*DaVeY is ready for the world and eye popping fashion editorials featuring clothing by Mishka NYC, Gold Coast Trading Company, Pepper + Pistol, Stevie Boi Shades, Fresh Printz, Chilly O and more.

The Art Nouveau Summer Issue Super Pop is on sale June 1st at MagCloud.com.

An accompanying art show featuring work from the issue will take place August 5th at Wm Turner Gallery. More details to emerge soon.

J*DaVeY- Outta The Window (Video)

In their video for “Outta The Window” J*DaVeY takes us on a mind-bending journey into the desert. The video was helmed by director V-Chip. Originally envisioned as an adventure through an ethereal abandoned carnival, the video took on a new life of its own once the crew discovered a desolate Mad Max-esque setting for the shoot. Watch “Outta The Window” below.

J*DaVeY – Get Together (Video)

While the world impatiently waits for Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau of J*DaVeY to release their Warner Bros. album New Designer Drug, we are left to lust after their every creative morsel. Luckily, Jack and Brook have blessed us with a visual for their recently released freebie track “Get Together.” Our favorite genre-scramblers serve up another gem made of one-part electronic music, two-parts soul, a dash of hip hop, and a little more than a pinch of sex appeal with a video that can only be described as a futuristic amalgamation of Tinkerbell meets The Shining.

Directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Veronica Hinds, the video takes viewers on a journey of transcendence as the main characters are lured away from their everyday lives by a floating orb of light that leads them to the entrance of the unknown. When asked about the main concept behind the video Jack Davey explains, “I kept seeing a processional march down a hallway… and wanted to convey the main characters following their light to a meeting place.” This concept was adopted to convey the main message behind the song; transcendence – breaking free of the confines of the everyday to experience a life without boundaries. “People need to step out of their individual bubbles and start connecting with other people” says Jack Davey. “Step outside of your comfort zone and feel something new, try something new, speak to someone new, transcend.” This message rings especially true with fans who recognize J*DaVeY for their refusal to be boxed into a stereotype or genre. When the glowing orb appears in front of you, will you follow it? Are you ready to break away from the confines of everyday life and explore a new dimension with Jack and Brook?

J*DaVeY – Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape (Review + Download)


What blows me when I listen to anything by J*DaVeY is that they aren’t huge yet. The Los Angeles based duo consisting of Jack Davey on vocals and Brook D*Leau on the beats get better with every project. Their latest “Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape” finds them reveling in the sexy and spacey sound they’ve created and mastered.

The mixtape starts with the almost punk sounding “Fight The Daylight.” The breakdown on this trippy song is a dream to listen to. “Crawl All Over,” which was on most blogs by early Jan, still doesn’t get old after the 50th listen. It’s partly because on this song Jack is at her most seductive as she coos, “Ay babe, you know I’m crazy for some action.” This type of stuff would make Prince blush.

Everything that follows, from the tounge in cheek “Permission” to the breezy anthem “Get Together” is worth more than a few listens. “Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape” is the first of many EPs, and at five songs, the mixtape that feels more like an EP and has me in the mood for even more J*DaVeY music. If given the right push, this is sure to be a quick favorite among J*DaVeY fans old and new.

Download: J*DaVeY- Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape

Best Music Videos of 2009

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