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Fall 2014: My Five Most Anticipated Albums

Here are five albums coming out soon that I’m dying to hear.   1) Stars – “No One is Lost” – October 14 In 2005, Stars, a little band from Canada, released an album called Set Yourself on Fire, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Stars is my go to band to listen to when I’m driving home on a cool evening with the windows down. Here’s the first single [...]

Papercunt Is Tired Of The Sexist Shit

Papercunt is currently working on a collection of analog collages from a self-described feminist point of view. According to the Sthlm based artist she is "tired of the sexist shit that's in the magazines... photos often taken by men, depicting women as objects. It's time to reclaim the female portrait." Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from[...]

Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Unintentionally Pop

  Somewhere in the ease and quietude of Montréal, a humble artist sits in the pale-blue light of a computer screen, creating. That humble artist is Pierre-Paul Pariseau and his creations are surreal collages, simultaneously dark and colorful, humorous and compunction. His stark, cartoon-ish juxtapositions may excite, enthrall, confound, offend, inspir[...]


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Francesco Romoli's Very Realistic Imaginary Towns

Francesco Romoli's latest series "Imaginary towns," was created from photographs taken with the aid of an external flash. The base is always a photography, as in the examples below. The artist used cardboard boxes and, playing with masks and using an appropriate blending, he superimposed various city images. The last step was to add a human figure and a text[...]

Zeh Palito Wants to Give You Some Good, Good Lovin'

“Love” [luhv]: 1. A term alluding to an all-knowing source that we need not know how to define; for, attempting to do so leads us farther astray from being in its presence or it being in ours. 2. An infinite abstraction of articulate ambiguity to which the lips learn to interpret as they please 3. Something that, in order to fulfill, must satisfy [...]

Flying Planes and Talking Paint With David Molesky

I met David Molesky on a flight headed out of San Francisco to Atlanta. Somewhere between ascendance and landing, the two of us got to talking. Although naturally subject to the gloss of travel-laden body heat and far too cramped quarters of the airplane, I managed to acquaint myself with the D.C. native turned San Franciscan that sat next to me. He told me [...]

Street Brilliance: Blek Le Rat, The Godfather of Street Art

After a visit to New York City in 1971, Blek le Rat became influenced by early graffiti works. Back in Paris, Blek decided to bring his brand of street works to his hometown. Much like his name, he spread his work like rats spread the plague. Part Graffiti, part Richard Hamilton styled works, Blek is credited with being the inventor of the life-sized ste[...]