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Victor Koroma Is A Photographer That Thinks Like A Painter #WhatABeautifulMess

"A Beautiful Mess" is Los Angeles based photographer Victor Koroma's artistic play on advertising ability to make certain products seem more appealing than they really are. Through carefully designed, aesthetic pleasing exterior packaging advertising companies deceive, trick and lure consumers. Victor is a photographer that thinks like a painter. To creat[...]

Lyrically Speaking: LouisYork "Clair Huxtable"

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking.     She likes to read books on philosophy She only eats at small cafes She questions every single part of me She makes me better every day It’s not the way she sty[...]

Stream Fifteen: The Hills Are Alive... with the sound of muses

I riffed on The Sound of Music tribute at The 87th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony into a recording device for ten minutes and twenty-eight seconds: this is the verbatim transcription… So it would seem the hills are alive with the sound of music… the Hollywood Hills to be exact. This night, this beautiful night, Oscar Sunday, and amidst all of the flashing[...]

Lyrically Speaking: Angie Fisher "I.R.S."

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking.   2000 bucks would save my life 200 bucks would ease the pain The I.R.S. is on my case But I refuse to let them make me go insane 2000 bucks would pay the rent 200 bucks [...]

The Aspernaut, Curron Kal El Gajadhar On Art & His Angels

Curron Kal El Gajadhar has always had a very anthropological perspective of life, often resonating with the identity of an astronaut, alien, landlocked surfer or a weary, reincarnated, old soul. Corinne Stevie sits down the artist to talk about art, inspiration and the search for god, meaning and relativity in our modern times.   Art Nouveau Magazin[...]

Le Trap Haus Presents: Vinyl Mind Flow, Ep. 1

And it's crazy because you're looking at it, right? And the context is there... and, in that immediate context... it's like... it's gruesome, grotesque... and it's banal, and debased... vicious, and malicious... cruel, punishment and torture – and yet: it's entertainment. It's the panopticon: all eyes, on the swinging corpse. Back and forth, back and forth..[...]

A Million Girls Would Kill For This Job

Imagine that you're twenty-years-old... ...have just traveled across the country and back on a journey of self-exploration, and find yourself back in the hectic roundabout of New York City, serving tables and absolutely miserable. That was my life. I was feeling stuck in complete nothingness at a job that left me exhausted and underwhelmed, hungry for more [...]


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Musings on the atmospheric work of Ryan Wallace

Ryan Wallace's atmospheric works evoke meditative qualities that fluctuate between angst and serenity. Embracing ambiguity with a simultaneous sense of assembly and disintegration, his multi-faceted practice cultivates a sense of surface, texture and tone. Wallace's works act as visual solutions to his own curiosities and meditations on systematic themes. [...]

Maseman is Mason McFee

Maseman is Mason McFee, an artist and designer living in Austin, Texas. Mason spent his childhood in a small Texas town called Boerne collaborating on projects like building tree houses, rolling giant boulders down hills, building skate ramps and jumping bikes into creeks. Still a child at heart, his art oozes with his affection for the outdoors. Outside of [...]

Exploring The Transgressive Narrative Styles Of Oscar Varona

Oscar Varona is a collage artist based in Madrid, Spain. He is influenced by transgressive narrative styles and little conventional notions. Oscar published his first book of stories, “Tremolo” in 2003. He has written several novels and his stories have been included in various international journals: The New Yinzer, (USA, 2009), Mondo Kronheca Literature ([...]

Let Me Set The TONE

UK based urban pulp iconographer and Art Nouveau cover artist TONE kicked off his solo exhibition at Dock St Market recently (Nov 1). He was kind enough to give us a few words about his bright and graphic inspired works of art. Art Nouveau: You go by the name TONE, tell me about the origins of the name? TONE: Basically as my name is Anthony/Tony i need[...]