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East Angelean Echoes and Transatlantic Tempos... Little Boots' Working Girl Promo Tour, Live at The Echo

The Siren: Victoria "Little Boots" Hesketh The Sound: Synthpop, nu-disco, deep house, electro house... mercurial melange of old and new The Scene: East Angelean echoes, deep bass, dark clothes, dim lighting, disco flying, summer swelter, low-key shelter, electronic dance shows, less wubba wubba, more water cooler... minimalist staging, maximalist s[...]

Mood Ring: Rob Milton

As an artist, music journalist, and all around connoisseur of sound, Rob Milton is always here for honoring the creatives who have helped shape his style and sound in his own words.

Mood Ring: We Are Mortals

WE ARE MORTALS® is an evolutionary gender-free urban streetwear brand. We call ourselves MORTALS because we are the ones who understand the brevity of human life and the need to live it fully and limitlessly. We also believe that as MORTALS, we're all equal. That is why we created our brand around this idea of a future in which we wear our personalities[...]

Meet Post POPcalyptic Artist Sage Guillory

Sage Guillory is a transformative artist from Atlanta, GA. As a child, Guillory doodled on everything he could get his hands on. While other kids were heavily focused in school, he was not. His drawings allowed for him to escape his reality. Over the years he has developed a distinct style of art, which stems from his overactive childlike imagination. He att[...]


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Listen to the art of Yann Couedor

When it comes to the work of Yann Couedor  it's all about Music on Canvas. He's been driven by two very lively passions since 1990. As an artist and a painter, he's in total awe of the Afro-American history and music of the 70's up through more  contemporary sounds... Listen to his art.

Heartbroken Ghetto Frida

Out on bail, fresh out of jail, and California dreamin’ Ghetto Frida is back. The controversial artist agreed to another exclusive interview with El Rio on the condition that he pay her bail. Join us as El Rio catches up with Ghetto Frida and discovers the real reason she became “Ghetto.” Art Nouveau: What’s good Ghetto Frida? What did the cops get yo[...]

Nothing is created, everything changes in the world of Giulio Iurissevich

"Nothing is created. Everything changes... In a continuous becoming of matter and form." This is the world of Italian based illustrator Giulio Iurrissevich, a chaotic, multiple, a perpetual cycle of sunrise and sunset, eternal tension between desire and possibility. The pencil through the border in search of metamorphosis and advances in the hunt for a sum[...]

That Infamous Lady J Tag

Tags are to street artists what logos are to brands. Take for instance the stencil based illustration of the Queen of England with a bandana made popular by Australian street artist Lady J. The Sydney based artist has been posting posters and tags featuring the now iconic image all over Sydney for years. Take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces from[...]

From Tags to Riches

The man whose art changed the world, who created an army to de- stroy everything, who risked everything, and got what he deserved. This is the story of a small town troublemaker, with big city dreams, who went from tags to riches, from the streets of Aussie to the museums around the world, this is the story of our favorite brainwashed vandal ANTHONY LISTER. [...]