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Todd Strong's Test Culture

When humans leave this world, their machines stay behind. Self-automated and lonely, our savvy robots begin to experiment—tearing, digging, sowing, yielding, pumping, splashing, boiling. This is an imagined glimpse at their post-apocalyptic re-creation. - Todd Strong "Test Culture"   The adorable and altogether benignly curious, as Sianne Ngai de[...]

On the curious case of celebrity and contemporary culture…

  Celebrity serves the purpose of highlighting otherwise opaque social relations, conflicts, concerns, and realities. That which is the fueling, seemingly banal, everyday existence of the masses doesn’t manifest itself into anything of social significance, until an icon framed to represent and vividly portray the beautiful burden of an attributed demo[...]

Artists! Submit Your Work To Art Nouveau

  We're going to try something new with how we accept submissions. Please share your work for Art Nouveau here. The comments have the option to attach images, so please be sure to post an image with the link to your work. Be sure to read these before posting. Submission Guidelines: 1. If you see work that you like, upvote it so it appears close t[...]

How To Avoid Whitesplaining Ferguson: Quiet Down and Listen Up

I was going to write about what Ferguson means for America, but I decided not to because I’ve seen too many white writers try to make Ferguson about their own experience. I don’t know what Ferguson means for America because I’m white, and I don’t think a white person can fully understand what it’s like to be  black in America. Our privilege and ignorance li[...]


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Art & Aesthetic Aces

It ain't about A SALARY its all about REALITY

"It aint about A SALARY its all about REALITY..." Fahamu Pecou expands upon his 2011 exhibition in Paris, HARD 2 DEATH, by utilizing his familiar trope of self-portraiture to challenge and dissect society’s representation of black masculinity in popular culture today. The title of his upcoming solo exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery in NYC,  All Dat Glitt[...]

Dafna Steinberg is a cosmopolitan world citizen with a timeless lens on life

How long I have waited for a record as such… friend, photographer, forever an artist, formerly-referenced-as-Lady-Glock, visionary, District vanguard, cosmopolitan world citizen with a timeless lens on life – welcome Dafna Steinberg, and her latest collection of collages, the magnificently mythological recollection of American history in disguise: “Native Co[...]

Art & Aesthetic Aces: Francoise Nielly

French artist Françoise Nielly is known for portraits that are as massive in size as they are filled with color. What's even more impressive about the work, is unlike most artists, these portraits are made from black and white photos. The vibrant colors that you see are coming from the artist's mind. Take a closer look at Francoise's work after the jump.[...]

Joseph Loughborough's "The Anatomy of Strangers"

When the city's full of people who you just see around, there's the art of Joseph Loughborough. The following charcoal works on paper are taken from Joseph's recent exhibition at Future Tense Gallery in London, entitled The Anatomy of Strangers. “There's an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It's when you meet the same people or visit places, a[...]

Betti Ono Celebrates One Year with New Show & New Space

Betti Ono’s first anniversary show “Run, Riot!” by Miami based artist Kendrick “GREATEclectic” Daye debuts Friday, September 7, 2012. Showcasing Daye’s mixed media pop art style the show embodies the playful yet innovative spirit of Betti Ono gallery. With a cadre of supporters made up of local artists, partner organizations, business owners, resident[...]