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Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 2

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss S[...]

Vaskeen On The Myth Of Perfection

While music has played the driving force in his business career Otha “Vakseen” Davis IIIʼs passion for the arts has served as his key to sanity in the fast paced entertainment industry. Drawing inspiration from women, emotions, and popular culture, his paintings deal with the theme of female identity and evolve around society's idolization of beauty, the[...]

Mood Ring: Myles Johnson

I have always been noticed by my name, specifically my first name. Myles, especially when said and not read, reminds almost everyone immediately of the great jazz musician, Miles Davis. I’ve always worshipped the idea that my name instantaneously reminds so many of music, specifically great jazz music. Of course, my musical palette ventures beyond jazz, but [...]

Fall 2014: My Five Most Anticipated Albums

Here are five albums coming out soon that I’m dying to hear.   1) Stars – “No One is Lost” – October 14 In 2005, Stars, a little band from Canada, released an album called Set Yourself on Fire, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Stars is my go to band to listen to when I’m driving home on a cool evening with the windows down. Here’s the first single [...]


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Nurture Nature so Products of the Environment Will be as Good as their Creators

What often happens when different worlds collide is a misplaced case of panic, chaos and calamity. Said parties often work in spite of each other, crazed for attention and yearning for validation. What if everyone worked in harmony to satisfy the healthy competition that comes hand in hand with success? While that obviously isnʼt going to happen anytime soon[...]

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Brendan Monroe's Observations of Light and Matter

Through a series of paintings and sculptures, Brendan Monroe tells a story of a world filled with unique personalities and imaginary organisms. For his first solo exhibition in Toronto at Cooper Call Gallery, Brendan cultivates a taste for scientific challenges, relationships to math, the properties in physics, and the surreal. His dream-like scenes over[...]

Art & Aesthetic Aces: Francoise Nielly

French artist Françoise Nielly is known for portraits that are as massive in size as they are filled with color. What's even more impressive about the work, is unlike most artists, these portraits are made from black and white photos. The vibrant colors that you see are coming from the artist's mind. Take a closer look at Francoise's work after the jump.[...]

A Trip Through Sajjad Musa's Brave New World

Mixed Media artist Sajjad Musa is currently focusing efforts on collage art. His process involves working with black vintage ads (some of which are derogatory) and juxtaposing them with other elements to change the original context to more surrealistic themes. Sajjad Musa is a NYC based artist. Using a variety of techniques and mediums such as stencil, colla[...]

It ain't all too bad, but it ain't all too good

 UK based painter George Morton-Clark just tipped us off with images of his latest paintings. The work continues in his pastiche paintings. Take a closer look at the images below.   On Left: It ain't all too bad On Right: It ain't all too good  on right Early mornings, late nights. 76cm x 102cm oil on canvas Late nights, early mornings. [...]