Zeh Palito Wants to Give You Some Good, Good Lovin’

“Love” [luhv]:

1. A term alluding to an all-knowing source that we need not know how to define; for, attempting to do so leads us farther astray from being in its presence or it being in ours.

2. An infinite abstraction of articulate ambiguity to which the lips learn to interpret as they please

3. Something that, in order to fulfill, must satisfy not just one, but all of the senses

4. The truth of man; the blessing of existence; the He, She, and It whose notion needn’t be solely confined to the physical form but universally outstretched

5. An unconsciousness in the voice of the heart replacing that of the mind


爱:  kærlighed: l’amour: حب: Liebe: αγάπη: ्यार: любовь: Amore: LOVE

“Love” can be preached by anyone or anything really, but only is it a truth when  stripped of its practical form and practiced in its naked incarnation. One must know and recognize love, embody its force within himself, before extending it to another. He grows to maintain such a feeling, express it through his words and actions, never cease its outward flow. He loves and receives love in return, accepting the rest as branches stemming from its body.

In the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, we meet the narrator of a true love story. Dread locked and spray paint covered stands street artist and painter Zeh Palito. His message is spoken in the tongue of Love, recognized out of its usual context; less “Love Below” than it is “One Love,” more Ziggy Marley than Sade. Zeh Palito: leader of the pilgrimage to a people united, awaken-er of Peace, Happiness, Oneness, and yes- even unicorns. Father of the Love movement, Palito exists to spawn a widespread contagion as many hands join together in many territories to extend the practice of his Word, The Word of The People.

From Sao Paulo to Brooklyn to Africa, his work can be spotted on building sides, gallery walls, and tee shirts as well. His style presents a fantasy-like characteristic- of course, topped with the vital ingredient of Love. Palito is a kid at heart, blessed with the gift of organic artistry to which he utilizes in its universal magnetism and ability to assemble a community. He speaks in beautiful metaphors and color juxtapositions alike, but fundamentally Zeh Palito just wishes to speak to the heart.