Street Brilliance: Anthony Antonellis’s WYSIWYG Installation in Weimar, Germany

WYSIWYG, is a site specific installation in Weimar, Germany created by visual artist Anthony Antonellis. In his previous Shapeshifters, the public paintings were slipped between the wall and the graffiti, in WYSIWYG the painting is slipped between the reflection and the reflected.

Pretty neat right? Here’s what Anthony had to say about the installation:

On Coudraystrasse in Weimar there are two modern buildings across from each other, the MFPA building and the CIB building. On the front of the MFPA is a large vector-like graphic artwork by local artist Klaus Nerlich; on the opposite side of the street the mirror-tinted glass of the CIB façade reflects back the MFPA building and Nerdlich’s image. I placed a painting directly behind one of the window panes of the CIB building; the content of the painting is the exact image of the reflection on that particular pane of glass. The image solidifies as single reflected perspective; as a painting, the work first remixes a sample of Nerlich’s work, and then is presented in a way which causes another direct interaction based on the new reflection. The glass overlay on the painting causes visual distortion which changes depending on the distance and direction from the painting, the obstacles obstructing the view, and the changes in daylight. Ultimately the work is constantly remixing that pane of glass. It simultaneously duplicated and remixes, stabilizes and distorts a reflection where each photograph or video of results in a different image of the work.