Marge x Out of Line

Deviant Lines in an Array of Colors: Explore the Work of Vernon O’Meally

Vernon O’Meally is young abstract expressionist and street artist from Atlanta. Now based in New York City, Vernon’s approach to art is heavily informed by a singular fixation, a fixation on the fundamentalism of lines in all senses. Lines are the building block of all visual communication. It is unavoidable. His style harbors deviant lines, contorting them until they render forms seen from a dream. Lines bend in on themselves in an array of colors, into the sort of indistinct forms known to pervade the unconscious. Take a closer look at some of our favorite works by Vernon.

Marge x Out of Line



Pink Skull(Printer)

Pink Skullrip

Iconic Parodies



90s Slick Mick

Mick Magic