Helen Tree’s “The Fountain of Decay”

Helen Tree
made this painting inspired by today’s youth. On New Years Eve 2012, she painted at a fancy event in a fancy hotel where young, pretty people came out to drink and celebrate. She was sober until about 11:45 because she was painting and wanted to stay concentrated around such a large group of people. The result of this was being very conscious at midnight surrounded by a mass of extremely inebriated very unconscious and equally unpleasant people.

Helen is no stranger to the party culture either, game recognize game. Growing up in Santa Cruz she started early and did it right. Not to say it makes the ideals of indulgence any more attractive or healthy, it just means she had to learn the hard way, and still needs reminders from time to time. Anyways, back to the art, based on the mythological fountain of youth, this fountain of decay delivers a promise just the same, it’s the ugly side of free and adventurous ever sought after endless party lifestyle. There lying in the shadows is addiction, depression, disease, disgrace, basically the full package of decay to the human body and mind.

Please enjoy the artwork responsibly