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Jess Glynne Drops Debut Single “Right Here”


UK soul singer Jess Glynne greets us with the groove that is “Right Here”. With her sultry vocals fused with an unstoppable beat, Glynne is bound to have you running to the nearest dance floor. “Right Here” is three minutes and forty seconds of shoes off and fists in the air, capable of catching the crowds’ attention with a chorus that reminds us to be in the moment. Pulling influences from soul to hip hop to pop, Glynne attributes her sound to artists like Lauryn Hill, Etta James, and Kendrick Lamar. As “Right Here” marks her debut single, I’m intrigued to see what this lovely red headed Brit will bring onto the scene next.

Tokio Aoyama’s latest exhibition “The Loop” opens Aug 1 at Cre8 Gallery

Japanese born painter Tokio Aoyama is back this summer with 2nd solo art exhibition entitled The Loop. “The Loop” will showcase Aoyama’s latest surreal psychedelic paintings from his 2013 art series “Dogu.” Through his paintings he creates a mystical landscape that explores music, color, birth, life, transformation, the spiritual world and ancient Japanese mythology. The exhibition is being presented by Cre8 Gallery and Earth Tone arts at London based Hoxton Gallery. The exhibition will open August 1, 2013 from 6-9pm. Come prepared to party and enjoy some mind blowing visual art.



Loughborough’s pursuit of the latent discovery of self

Ashes…The crap and treasures left behind in the crevasses of your car… Memories of a past relationship… What remains.

All of these things though insignificant in size and perhaps intangible leave behind meaning, a big cluster of emotions, and evidence of existence. Joseph Loughborough’s solo show Deciphering the Ash of Effigies embodies that idea.

Exhibiting his work all around Europe Loughborough has reached The States. Now open at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, California, Deciphering the Ash of Effigies is Loughborough’s pursuit of the latent discovery of self. Highly influence by the human condition and the theoretical concepts of “absurdity” Loughborough’s images are gradated abysses of wrestling emotions.

8_The Institution sm 130-150cm

5_The Dance 150-180cm sm

His charcoal-rendered drawings are full of chaos (mostly chaotic thought). Just like charcoal gets smeared leaving traces of the energy used when applied, and applied with vigor as seen, our senses are smeared when trying to grasp the concept of being, which would be absurd to even try, leaving us contorting emotional wrecks much like Loughborough’s figures stuck in immeasurable space existing and constructed by scribbled quick strokes. Simply reading the philosophies the artist was inspired by is enough to make your head spin.

What is the Absurd? It is, as may quite easily be seen, that I, a rational being, must act in a case where my reason, my powers of reflection, tell me: you can just as well do the one thing as the other, that is to say where my reason and reflection say: you cannot act and yet here is where I have to act… The Absurd, or to act by virtue of the absurd, is to act upon faith … I must act, but reflection has closed the road so I take one of the possibilities and say: This is what I do, I cannot do otherwise because I am brought to a standstill by my powers of reflection.

The things left behind, those that remain, we can only reflect upon and hence we act. The artist acts, capturing emotion through what is left behind. Although there is a defined black and a defined white, the culmination is still an array of emotions indistinct, grey.

“No specific conclusions can be made to the meaning of the individual works aside from the acknowledgement and indulgence of image, expression and technique” he says. And so that is what we do! We look at Loughborough’s gnarly drawings and we say “That is fuck’n cool.”


4_Little Accusations sm 72-102cm 2_Russian winter 102-145cm sm 1_The Cold Wait 102-145cm sm 5P1150576 4P1150658 3P1150609 JOSEPH

Let Me Set The TONE

UK based urban pulp iconographer and Art Nouveau cover artist TONE kicked off his solo exhibition at Dock St Market recently (Nov 1). He was kind enough to give us a few words about his bright and graphic inspired works of art.

Art Nouveau: You go by the name TONE, tell me about the origins of the name?
TONE: Basically as my name is Anthony/Tony i needed something crisp, so i went for TONE to use on the streets for my paste-ups and spray-ups.

AN: How old are you?
TONE: I am 26 year old boy who is starting to slowly look around 40 due to my early morning rises and late night creative bursts. My face can tell many yarns.

AN: Tell me about your background in the arts.
TONE: My background in the arts started off when i was very young… i was enthralled with Manga, especially Street Fighter and Akira, so i spent my days playing Nintendo and Sega, collecting comic books, redrawing characters and creating my own. As i progressed and got older i went to college for 2 years and gained a BTEC in graphic design, everything i learned in the ‘art scene’ is self taught through trial and error. Then my art took a more mature angle and i created zine covers, online blog art and t-shirts for the football/soccer casuals market, using violence, Adidas footwear and football hooliganism as a main theme. I decided i needed to break away from that scene to pursue my changing interests where spray paint, street art, collage and more media came to my attention and i decided to get my hands dirty. During this time, i was in contact with a few celebrities regarding promo work… namely ‘Real Goodfella‘ Henry Hill (RIP), actor Jeremy London and front man of Hollywood rockers The Icarus Line, Joe Cardamone. I also had alot of time unleashing my street art in NYC, Chicago, Paris and various cities across the UK.

AN: Tell me about your process of creating work.
TONE: The process to create my work is pretty simple… i won’t go into mega detail, but all i need is a Sharpie, Paper, PVA Glue, Brushes, Spray Cans, Comic Books, a keen eye and a headful of crazy ideas. I start out by sketching out my idea using shapes and words, i then draw out the character in illustrator using a mouse (bad for the wrist) and play about with the whole idea using different colour pallets to create the sort of aesthetic i have in my mind, the background work is the fun part, as i scour old comic books, flyers, posters, cd booklets, magazines for interesting imagery and slap it all down onto canvas or board to photograph to use digitally in reproduction prints. On many occasion the whole canvas is covered with awesome graphics, where i will then stencil an image and spray paint onto it to create a one-off piece. As of now…. each piece of art i create is closely attached to my feelings, merging powerful images and heartfelt songs lyrics in dedication to my 16 month old daughter Eden Loren Thornton.

AN: How has comic book art inspired you?
TONE: Comic art has been a major player in all of my work, from growing up reading British classics such as the Beano and Dandy, to X-Men, Spider Man, Lobo and Street Fighter to more classic works such as, Romanc Comics and Ghost World. They all have kept me doing what i enjoy, all i have to do is pick up and comic and ideas will be flowing for my next piece. Music is also a key aspect in my work, citing many Black Flag, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, The Smiths and whatever else is curdling my emotional cauldron.

AN: What fuels you more: Street art work or work made for galleries?
TONE: Easy… street art! always will be! The thought of having a whole town/city as a blank canvas to work is magnificent, not hiding the fact it is deemed as vandalism, this pushes me more to get out there and find great spots to see how long my work will stay up, the adrenaline and planning that goes into a late night mission is what it is all about, the fact that civilians and art lovers have street art available to them on a daily basis makes me happy knowing we live in an era where creative types like ourselves can vent our emotions on the worlds canvas, it is always a challenge which i thrive on.

AN: How important is your skin, or visual aesthetic to your style of work?
TONE: It shouldn’t really be as important as it is to me but it is… i j’adore tattoos and tattoo artwork from artists such as Mario Desa, Joseph Ari Aloi and Mike Giant. When people see me and notice my tattoos it strikes up a conversation, whether it be friends or total strangers, it is always good to talk. Each tattoo i have holds it’s own story from my past and everyday they remind me of the things i have done, and this pushes me to do more. On the visual aesthetic side to things… again this is an important aspect, if you want to command respect in your area you have to look the part, there’s nothing wrong with feeling comfortable, yet dapper in this thing of ours.

AN: What’s next for you?
TONE: I have a whole new ball park opened up to me as I have relocated to the city, so more project space is available, contacts and opportunities. I am in the early stages of planning an exhibition at Dock St Market in Leeds, UK which will showcase my latest offerings to the public, i have issue 1 of my zine ‘FAKEIZM’ available at Quimby’s, Chicago, and then hopefully getting back into the swing of things with my clothing label co CEO Tom Beattie, as we hope to push it to full on global effect. The world is my oyster… anything can happen.

AN: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?
TONE: Think i’ve pretty much covered everything there. I just want to say though… I’m doing all this for Eden.


#WatchThisSpace Find this editorial and much more in Art Nouveau’s 9th issue entitled SKIN. Click here to get your copy!

Mellow like a cello

Michael James Bell also known as BAEL is a melancholy type of artist. Mellow like a cello, his work is dark, almost brooding, sensual, and slightly hopeful all at once. Born 1983 in East Yorkshire UK where he’s currently based, the self taught artist from East Yorkshire in the UK, has show in various group shows and solo exhibitions across England and currently exhibits his work with Signal Gallery in London. He plans to show there again in 2013. Take a closer look at some of my favorite paintings from BAEL  below.

TONE’s solo exhibition at Dock St Market in Leeds

UK based urban pulp iconographer TONE kicked off his solo exhibition at Dock St Market recently (Nov 1). He was kind enough to send us a few snaps of the vibe. TONE’s bright and graphic inspired art works looked amazing. The show runs through November so if you’re in the area make sure to check it out.































Takes you to a strange place

UK songstress Ellie Goulding burst onto the music scene with her sparkly brand of electro pop. Since then she and Skrillex have become an item and besides adopting a similar haircut to his, they have also collaborated a bit. Her sophomore disc Halcyon features a more mature sound with more pensive and personal lyrics.

“Don’t Say A Word” opens the album with disembodied choir sounds and almost tribal percussion. “Anything Could Happen,” “Only You,” The swirling Dubstep-influenced “Figure 8,” the shimmery club anthem “I Need Your Love” which features Calvin Harris, and the US no. 2 hit “Lights” are all upbeat numbers. This time around, the album is laden with ballads laden with choral walls, from “My Blood,” the acoustic “Halcyon”, the spare “Joy” (which allows her voice to soar unhindered), the lovely “Hanging On,” “Explosions,” the delicate piano ballad “I Know You Care” (which sounds like it dropped from Adele’s handbag), “Atlantis,” and the phenomenal “Dead In The Water,” a gentle number that builds and builds, as does the album.

Anything Could Happen…

It ain’t all too bad, but it ain’t all too good

 UK based painter George Morton-Clark just tipped us off with images of his latest paintings. The work continues in his pastiche paintings. Take a closer look at the images below.


On Left: It ain’t all too bad On Right: It ain’t all too good  on right

Early mornings, late nights. 76cm x 102cm oil on canvas

Late nights, early mornings. 76cm x 102cm oil on canvas

Liar. 153cm x 122cm oil and acrylic on canvas.

Truth. 153cm x 122cm oil and acrylic on canvas.

Kitty can’t 121cm x 91cm oil on canvas

Little Miss piggy 122cm x 91cm oil and acrylic on canvas.

Tear drops on the toilet seat. 120cm x 90 cm oil and acrylic on canvas.

Greed. 122cm x 91cm oil and acrylic on canvas.

Buried in lead 100cm x 70 cm oil on canvas

Unofficial Best of London’s LoveBox 2012 Festival – Sunday Set

Historically, music festivals like Woodstock and Glastonbury were created to celebrate idealism (one ‘ism that we agree is worth buying into). Lovebox is no different. Add to this idealism the inclusiveness that you find on the best dancefloors and the diversity you find on our capital’s streets and you have the beginnings of a manifesto for a world-class festival in a world-class city.

Ten years old Lovebox has grown up quickly to become the biggest party on East London’s summer calendar and with every year it takes another step forward.

Sunday is a freewheeling, groundbreaking, no-holds-barred party, pulling together elements of the fiercest all-night parties, ballrooms, gay discos, supper clubs, cabarets and bingo-halls and mixing it with recycled couture, the hottest emergent artists and, of course, outrageous acts to create a totally unique hedonistic all-dayer which is most definitely Out & Out Fierce…

Out and Out … and out, and out, and out #ofcontrol


LoveBox’s Sunday set maimed faces… the old-fashioned way – Le Freaks and Disco Beats, Khans and Firebombs, and Rhythmic Servitude in the name of Keeping Up with the Jones #Gracefaced

Chic ft. Nile Rodgers

Let’s Dance Cover

Like A VirginNotorius

Good Times

Chaka Khan (with Incognito)

Ain’t Nobody

Tell Me Something Good with Incognito

I’m Every Woman

Grace Jones

Slave to the Rhythm 

La Vie en Rose

Demolition Man

Feel Up

Unofficial Best of London’s LoveBox Festival 2012 – Saturday Set

Historically, music festivals like Woodstock and Glastonbury were created to celebrate idealism (one ‘ism that we agree is worth buying into). Lovebox is no different. Add to this idealism the inclusiveness that you find on the best dancefloors and the diversity you find on our capital’s streets and you have the beginnings of a manifesto for a world-class festival in a world-class city.

Ten years old Lovebox has grown up quickly to become the biggest party on East London’s summer calendar and with every year it takes another step forward.

Saturday follows the tried and tested Lovebox model of curating a heady mix of international megastars, pop-cult legends, hipper than thou rockers and underground club collectives. Heart and soul, rock and roll.

Unofficial… because the view from the crowd puts you right in the pit #orsomethingtothateffect


Stooshe, Sabre, Sande, and Kelis… Girl Pop that won’t give you cavities, rough-around-the-edges neo-soul crooner with a tinge of Legend tone on the tongue, the heavenly neuroscience student whose rhythm transcends the merely cerebral – and, of course, the acapella milkshake distributor #bawsey




Waterfalls Cover


Black Heart (Exclusive)

Maverick Sabre

I Can Never Be (Exclusive)

Emeli Sande




Milkshake (Holiday/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Drum Mix)

Malerei: Painting As Object

Rudolf Polanszky, Documentation of Compression Spring Paintings’, 1983

‘If destiny will grant me enough time I shall discover an international language which will endure forever and which will continue to enrich itself… its name will be Malerei [painting]’ Hans K Roethel & Jean K Benjamin, ‘Kandinsky’ (1979)

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Art and Aesthetic Aces: New Oil Paintings From UK Based Painter George-Morton Clark

After being away, moving into a new flat and studio UK based painter George-Morton Clark has finally got down to some painting. And from the looks of these new oil paintings George sent over to us, he’s up to his same magical tricks. The twist is the shards of an evolved style which now plays off a collage like style he achieves through brushstrokes.

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StooShe: Girl Pop That Won’t Give You Cavities

Normally you might not associate Barbie pink with a crew of girls whose name means either ‘rich girl,’ ‘a girl who thinks she’s nicer than she is,’ or, well, just plain stoned. But StooShe, a girl group borne of Southeast London (which I’m told is usually said by locals as ‘Sowfeese London’) combining pop, soul, and hip-hop vocals makes the color that covers their website into pure irony.

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