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The Bald & The Beautiful

It’s hard to imagine what the modeling industry would have been like without Pat Evans. Blazing an anomalous trail in a staunchly conventional industry, Evans was the first model to subvert that convention by atrophying one of the most prized signifiers of beauty and femininity: her hair. “Me and Grace Jones were ahead of our time,” she says with an air of certitude that can only come from that of an undisputed iconoclast. With over two decades in the modeling industry under her belt, it’s safe to say that Evans has seen and done it all. Her resume is impeccable: she has graced the pages of top magazines, ripped the runways at the world’s biggest fashion capitals donning haute couture from the most celebrated designers of our time, and was a stylist and make-up artist for icons such as Diahann Carroll, Cicely Tyson, Aretha Franklin, and Isaac Hayes. Respect her swag.

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Coverage: Six Artists Create Art Nouveau Covers

They always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Agreed. But there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to a book simply by the visual splendor an issue gives. The inside can be magnificent, but if the cover isn’t right, it isn’t going to print. It was months before I found the image I wanted to use for the first issue, shown above a piece by Ron English. Art Nouveau gave artists the chance to submit ideas for the Winter 2010/2011 issue. Six artists including Thomars, GreatEclectic, Corinne Stevie, Mike Antor, Neža Agnes Momirski and Enteni Karyuk were selected out of a pool of hundreds of submissions. Instant iconography and visual madness ensued of course.

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Thomars Blurs Trends & Decades With Illustrations

Thomars a.k.a. Thomas Bonnieux is an artist whose illustrations are recognizable for their recurring colorful and bright themes and the fact that they are always full of energy. His illustrations have been featured in magazines such as Art Nouveau Magazine, Velvet and BooMag to name a few and he has collaborated with many brands by doing illustrations for their packaging. As if that isn’t cool enough he has even worked with brands such as Hush Puppies and Tabasco for their ads. I love his illustrations for the fact that he combines certain images into one, so instead of the finished product always being clean cut, at times with his work you get a scrap book type feel. With Thomars decades worth of symbols are meshed together into one illustration, which provides a viewer with depth. Take a closer look at some pieces from Thomars below. Continue reading Thomars Blurs Trends & Decades With Illustrations