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Sexism Sells

“Because for every big story of blatant sexism that I tell, there are dozens of far more subtle ones that I could be relating.” #overheard




“Beyond these are even more subtle and complicated aspects, such as the perpetual feeling of being trapped into having to choose between either conforming to the stereotype of being a woman, or conforming to the stereotype of being a woman who doesn’t want to conform to the stereotype of being a woman.” – Julia (barefootscientist)


Pete Kirill’s latest mural “MC Elvis”

Elvis Presley had millions rocking and swinging to his music. Despite the undeniable influence there were skeptics who saw a different picture. In the words of Little Richard, “He was an integrator…they wouldn’t let black music through. He opened the door for black music.” In the same vein, in the words of Sammy Davis Jr, “There was something just bordering on rudeness about Elvis. He never actually did anything rude, but he always seemed as if he was just going to. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate him eleven.” Miami based artist Pete Kirill might be of the latter opinion when it comes to the King of Rock and Roll. His latest mural makes a statement about how Elvis was influenced by black music, and then in turn Rock and Roll influenced Hip-Hop. Take a closer look at the images below.