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Live From The Coast: A look at Gold Coast Trading Co.’s “Winds from the North” collection

Designer Emeka Alams, of Gold Coast Trading Co., has been on the radar of fashion followers for a few seasons now unleashing his take on merging African and western styles. So many have used this concept as inspiration in the fashion world, and undoubtedly, many will again. Almost to the point that it could fall in the category of “done and redone.” The colors and spirit of African garb are by nature and design something that would attract a designer of any background. But what makes Alams’ work at Gold Coast so special is his profound connection to his home continent. His life has taken him back and forth between the Ivory Coast to various cities in Western Europe and America. He has lived through the social and political unrest that plagues the whole continent firsthand. Alams’ pride of his heritage translates to a brand that is a unique, non-literal interpretation of an idea that is personal for him.