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The Dictator Hall of Fame


The Illest Dictators across the globe… according to Artist & Designer Pete Kirill



Miami based Neo-Pop artist Pete Kirill recently shared these images with me of his latest installation located in Downtown Hollywood Florida. In turn I’m sharing them with you. No sense in being an art hoarder. The installation entitled The Dictator Hall of Fame was commissioned by the Hollywood Mega Mural project and features five dictators including Big Daddy Hussein, MC Arafats, Kim jong-Rodman, MC Chavez and Flavor Fidel. Complete with a portrait of each dictator and one piece of fake memorabilia from each portrait. For example, the portrait titled, Flavor Fidel depicts the Cuban dictator holding a microphone, so under his painting on the shelf is a microphone. MC Arafats has sunglasses on his shelf like the one’s portrayed in the painting.

According to Pete, “The Dictator Hall of Fame series focuses on famous dictators worldwide. A strong connective tissue joins dictator worship and celebrity idolization, as these these leaders increasingly resemble American Pop icons versus heads of state.