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SnapTrakks: DJ X - Damage Control

If you ask DJ X, the DJ world has become "over-saturated with bass thumping electro, dutch house, b-more, dubstep and most recently moombahton mixes." Rather than follow suit, the Atlanta based, New York raised DJ went got together some of his favorite "lighter" musical moments. The mix features some Art Nouveau favorites such as SBTRKT, Gil Scott-Heron [...]

SBTRKT & The Modern Mindset

SBTRKT's debut album has been called dub, dubstep, chillwave, trillwave, dance, pop, folk and everything under the sun by critics and fans alike. I don't blame them though. Putting a label on something this new is how we relate to things these days. But, if the album is indication of anything, genre is dead, and SBTRKT's indescribable production is the[...]