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Foreword Story: That’s Death Over Designer

When I received our assignment sheet from our editor-in-chief, I saw the headline “Foreword Story: That’s Death Over Designer” and I immediately reply. Ironically, I was having a conversation just days earlier relating to the killer topic with a great friend and mentor of mine, author and lyricist Gene “Malice ” Thorton. The conversation came along because an artist signed to Universal Records was recently arrested in Hampton, Va for assaulting and robbing a man for jumping in front of him and taking the last pair of Jordans. My thing is if you have a legit contract with a label, why are you punching people over the last paper of shoes? Whats the real point of trappin’ all day and hustling’ all night if when you do finally make it to the top, you’re still acting like a hooligan?

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Re-Branding America: Jersey Shore no more, LDN gets it in-nit

Bringing Ad a Day back like a phoenix from the ashes… much like the fleur-de-lis did this year; naturally, in an effort to polish the once lost treasure, New Orleans made it clear – with advertisements like the one below – they have a keen focus on waste management… read: after Mark “Brownie Hell-on-Earth of a Job” Brown got done with us we know what trash looks like – so take that rif-raff back to Jersey where you found it

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C. Williams Fuses Moccasins And Sneakers

Toronto artist C. Williams‘ hand crafted a series of moccasins using patent leather, embossed leather and printed leather. The line is different from your standard one-tone colour leather moccasins you see in stores as Williams fuses it with Air Max 1’s, 90’s and 360’s. Williams is only releasing two of each worldwide makes them that much more exclusive.

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