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NEGUS in Paris, for real

Excuse my French…But Fahamu Pecou is back in France. And this NEGUS is for real. #Imjustsaying. The Atlanta based artist’s latest exhibition entitled NEGUS in Paris is set to open this Thursday, at Backslash Gallery in Paris, France. In these latest paintings and drawings, Fahamu addresses the representations of black men in modern society, engaging in particular with the idea of Négritude as famously symbolized by Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor.

Black Americans can cite numerous anecdotes about the various uses of the word ‘black’, one striking example being actor Gwyneth Paltrow’s description of hip-hop superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West’s West Watch the Throne Tour. Paltrow posted a photo of the pair on her Twitter account, accompanied by the message “Niggas in Paris, for real”. Her use of the word “nigger” created a storm on her Twitter account although she was simply repeating the word “niggas” used by Jay-Z and Kanye West as part of the title for a song off their eponymous album. Often heard within black American society, the word when written down by a white person raises questions of legitimacy, and the matter was very widely debated. Is it possible for a white person to use the word “nigger” in the light of history’s heavy burden of racism and slavery?

The NEGUS in Paris exhibition, inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s song ” Niggas in Paris”, constitutes an acerbic analysis that challenges a certain conformism, particularly that displayed by Black American culture, which can distort the image of Négritude within the public debate. With his characteristic wit and feel for satire, Fahamu Pecou offers timely observations on the various conflicts relating to black iconisation as triggered by this debate and their influence on popular culture….Pecou replaces the terms “niggas” with “Negus”, an Amharic word used to describe Ethiopian royalty in general, and Haile Selassie in particular. He uses this wordplay to subvert the endless hate-filled insinuations that surround use of the word “nigger”. The works in the exhibition feature a series of black Americans famous for their contributions to the history of Parisian art and culture, exploring their influence and distinction.

NEGUS in Paris
runs through January. Take a closer look at some of the works from the show below. And if you’re susceptible to the Persian Persuasion make sure to stop by the opening this Thursday. Click here for more information.




SnappScenes: As Jay-Z and Kanye vanish into the strobed abyss, the Throne raises its crown

Most of us are familiar with the Jay-Z & Kanye West “Throne” takeover, which in itself practically attained an all-inclusive zenith of hip-hop history. For Jay and ‘Ye purists like myself, there’s no question as to whether or not “N*ggas in Paris” was the main attraction of both the Watch the Throne album and tour. The entirety of the song – the concept, the hype, the in-your-face bombastic beat – epitomized the Throne in its grandiose of imperial hypnotism.

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BlinkkBeats: Gorillas in Chinchillas (Slaves in Paris)

Welcome to the world’s nightmare: hold it against me – we about to go H.A.M on Grey Poupon. Bourgie girl, grab her hand, f-ck that – she dont wanna dance; excuse my French, but I’m in France… I’m just saying: when in Rome – if you weren’t born a Caesar, might as well bard with Brutus #empirestateofdemise So do as the Romans do, and in such sit among those the elite who naturally bleed blue. Prince William ain’t do it right if you ask me, if I was him I woulda married Kate and Ashley – #jiggerishthings. Overt supremacy, with strong undertones of servitude to the throne of inherited American royalty at its most Shakespearean… Britney Jean Spears – don’t let she get in her zone, #toxictragedies Louisiana-style Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, Juliet… the illiterate that could write an American tale of nouveau riche royalty; Hov and Yeezy – Othellos in tow. Miami swelter, Carribean vibe, Bahamian drum and bass, Bermudian Triangle of Pop – inverted everything. Hov would never share the mic with Spears, but Yeezy would – and did; though they are at two ends of the spectrum, Hov and Jean earned their passports the old fashioned way: crime pays, sex sells – passports please. They played to our devious vices, you are the company you keep: welcome to The Crackhouse; where this is a problem, this is not music/I hope you find it – ‘cos we about to lose it.

Gorillas in Chinchillas (Slaves in Paris) by GreatEclectic