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‘Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him’ Opens At Studio 900

On April 14, Art Nouveau Magazine presented Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him, the debut solo exhibition by artist/designer GreatEclectic at Studio 900 in Atlanta, GA. GreatEclectic gave viewers a glimpse into his elaborate rants and musings on fame, power, money, love, the rise and the fall and our generation’s obsession with celebrity. His signature aesthetic evokes a unique combination of pop culture semiotics and art history paired with a vibrant narrative. Works in the exhibition range from mixed media collages, to drawings, paintings and photography.

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The “Girls, Girls, Girls” Issue Available Now

It’s officially spring. The birds are chirping. Pimps and players are flirting. And the girls? Well depending on who you ask, they run the world. It wouldn’t be spring without a tribute to the girls, girls, girls.

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Constant Surprises: Monica Ellis Finds Us

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been meeting some interesting artists in the most inconspicuous ways. Take for instance Monica Ellis. Just the other day, my friend and I were killing some time because we had to wait for the restaurant to buzz us when they were ready for us, so we wandered around because the place was too crowded, and we stumbled upon a local art gathering. I believe the venue was called Salt and it was art featured by Alejandro.

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Preview GreatEclectic’s Show Before It Opens Thursday


I’ve never met GreatEclectic, but I know him quite well. I’ve never felt more innately connected to someone with whom I’ve never shared conventional contact; but that is the beautiful mystery that is the Great Mister Daye. He conveys and connects with the world and the one individual alike, because he is his work; as with any masterpiece, that connection lives in the unconventional void – where authenticity cannot be barred by limitation, and catharsis cannot be marred by sterile sanity. He lives in his work – it is in that shared space where I feel, and it is in that shared experience where life is present.

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Spray Paint Can Art by Dillon Boy

While browsing Flickr I came across these spray paint can art pieces by Dillon Boy. Witty and political his cans are bright as the sun but the messages are grim as a Charlie Sheen drunken voicemail. At once there is Mickey Mouse splattered in blood on one can and Hello Kitty with sex on the brain–literally. Take a closer look at Dillon Boy’s Spray Paint Can Art below.

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Artist of the Week: Risa Marie

Risa Marie is your number one fan. At least if you’re a hip musician. The painter graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BA in Illustration and currently lives in Minnesota where she creates beautifully rendered portraits of everyone from Pharrell Williams, to Kid Cudi and Chester French. Risa Marie is Art Nouveau Magazine’s Artist of the Year. Take a closer look at her work below.

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Greg Gossel’s Four Pieces For ‘Quentin vs. Coen’ Show

Remember when Bill Murray was Greg Gossel’s muse. Gone is that chum face. The violent and cult followed directors Quentin Tarantino and The Coen Brothers are the artists latest inspiration. At least for this group show they are.

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Spraypaint Lust: The Art Of Chris Hobe

Atlanta based, SoCal born artist Chris Hobe recently sent me these images of his latest work. His mixed media work finds the artist giving 70’s and 80’s pin up and commercial art a fresh take. The artist tells me he’s involved in the design and branding of an artistic movement called ARTISTIC REVOLUTIONARY THREAD (A.R.T). Check out more of his work after the jump.

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GreatEclectic: Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him

I’m about 60 pieces in and I’m still sketching ideas for new ones. What am I working towards? My debut solo show entitled Want To A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him. It doesn’t open until the end of next March. But there is still more work to be done. Check out the flyer below.

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Hometown Glory: Amy Ahlstrom’s Pop Inspired Quilts

Amy Ahlstrom is leading a growing trend of ultramodern fiber-based art better known as quilting. Affectionately referred to as, The Urban Quilter, Amy acts as “part documentarian, part DJ,” to create pop-art inspired postcards of her favorite urban places. Growing up in a family of quilters, sewers, and knitters gave the San Francisco based artist her start. Her background as a comic illustrator and graphic designer gave her style.

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Artist Of The Week: Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino is an illustrator and artist currently working in Warwick, Rhode Island. I stumbled upon is work on Tumblr of all places. Who knew people posted anything other than nonsense. Rich’s neo pop work finds the artist working mostly on vibrant portraits of icons of the past and present. Rich is Art Nouveau’s Artist of the Week. Take a closer look at more of Rich’s work after the jump.

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Pop Killers: The Leaders Of The Neo-Pop Movement

Sarah Weaver, Fahamu Pecou & Mr. Brainwash all live in three very different parts of America and create very different types of art, but they have one thing in common. These artists are to our generation what Andy Warhol was to his.

When it came time to complete her M.F.A. thesis Santa Cruz based artist and then MFA candidate at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Sarah Weaver decided to explore iconography as most pop art is about symbols and why they’re important to us.

Sarah re imagined the standing of pop culture staples and often beautifully rendered the figure in a surrealist and sarcastic view. Paris Hilton is painted as a mannequin posed like Venus the Goddess of Love emerging from the foamy sea, Britney Spears is painted as an out of it ragged doll at the footsteps of the MTV Video Music Awards, Dr. Phil is painted in a straight jacket. It’s obvious Sarah has something heavy to say about our popular culture and she isn’t censoring her paintbrush.

As a full-time painter and owner of gallery Fahamu Pecou has his hands in art daily. From his gallery in the uber arts district of Atlanta Castelberry Hill, Pecou tells me “everything is already pop, or it’s trying to be pop.”

“Growing up in this society I was affected by all things pop, not just pop art,” he later explains. “A lot of my ‘NEO-POP’ work kinda came from the way media and technology really influences popular culture.”

Like Sarah Weaver, Fahamu is at the forefront of the neo-pop art movement. The painter titled a previous series of work “NEO-POP“ and admits the influence of pop art on him. This well known series does what pop art does best, comment on social issues with light, and likeable images. His issue, the view of black men in society, his likeable image, none of other than the glossy magazines. Fahamu painted himself, on magazines like Interview and Art Papers, where black faces and ironically art by black artists is rarely seen.

One of Fahamu’s first introductions to painting was through pop art. At the time he was painting cartoon characters he created on the covers of magazines. He didn’t take the work serious until a professor dubbed the work “Neo-Pop.”

“He started showing me Roy Lichtenstein and [Andy] Warhol,“ Fahamu explains. “That was my formal introduction really into painting. I felt like a lot could be said with the medium of pop.“

I had to go to New York City to get a taste of  what the art scene in Los Angeles has to offer. L.A. based French street artist, Mr. Brainwash’s first solo show entitled Icon was filled with his Andy Warholesque pop portraits of fashion, music, art & business icons, prints, and large scale sculptures of taxis, paint buckets, and spray paint cans. Mr. Brainwash immortalized already iconic models (Kate Moss, Twiggy), fashion designers (Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld), pop stars (Madonna, Diddy), and politicians (Barack Obama).

The entire space was used as the artist’s playground. I love when galleries let an artist do more than simply hang pieces on the walls. If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Brainwash, he’s the artist that recently worked on Madonna’s CD packaging for her latest album Celebration. He had multiple prints of the piece he created for that album sprawled over the entire show.

This article was first featured in Art Nouveau’s Summer 2010 issue “Super Pop.” Click here to view the issue.

Louis Vuitton & Takashia Murakami S/S 2010

Japanese neo-pop artist introduces high-end brand Louis Vuitton to a new generation with his classic Monogram canvas that has become as iconic as the brand itself. Murakami is also working on Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection entitled “Cosmic Blossom.” The limited-edition Cosmic Blossom collection is available in Louis Vuitton stores from 15th April 2010.

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