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Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Like Portis Wasp Steal…Because #FTW

I don’t say this often, but Portis Wasp is an artist after my own heart. Like me, he runs a men’s fashion and pop culture blog which showcases the best in fashion photography, men’s fashion, music, and pop culture, and features interviews with models, photographers, designers, actors and popular celebrities. As an avid contributor to MTV Style on a regular basis his work makes the rounds on the Internet daily.

What I love most about Portis’ work is the fearless attitude the permeates through every piece. He isn’t afraid to go there. Check out more of Portis Wasp’s work below. Beware, some are very #NSFW, but #FTW. Right?




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Exploring The New Mythology Of Eugenia Loli

After previously working in the technology sector, Eugenia Loli has ditched the coding for collage and filmmaking. Eugenia’s work explores objective obscurity, worshiped women for your illustration. Three minutes to nirvana doesn’t seem like that long of a wait.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from Eugenia below. Let us know what you think in the comments.
















Exploring The Transgressive Narrative Styles Of Oscar Varona

Oscar Varona is a collage artist based in Madrid, Spain.

He is influenced by transgressive narrative styles and little conventional notions. Oscar published his first book of stories, “Tremolo” in 2003. He has written several novels and his stories have been included in various international journals: The New Yinzer, (USA, 2009), Mondo Kronheca Literature (Argentina, 2009), Metazen, (Canada, 2010), Ascent Aspirations, (USA, 2014), and the numbers six, eight and nine literary magazine Groenlandia (Spain, 2009 and 2010). Coordinator and editor of the cultural journal “Delirio”, in its ten numbers (2009­-2012).

As an artist he combines his poetry, dialogues and stories with his own artistic creations, mainly collages and illustrations. Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from Oscar below.


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A Trip Through Sajjad Musa’s Brave New World

Mixed Media artist Sajjad Musa is currently focusing efforts on collage art. His process involves working with black vintage ads (some of which are derogatory) and juxtaposing them with other elements to change the original context to more surrealistic themes. Sajjad Musa is a NYC based artist. Using a variety of techniques and mediums such as stencil, collage, painting, photography and audio production, he seeks to create art illustrating inner city cultural motifs with an ethereal inventive aesthetic. In the future he plans to release his art of other mediums such as photography, organic textures and audio production.

Take a closer look at some of Sajjad’s work below.




Notre Chauvet Fuse Renaissance and Pop Art

There’s nothing new under the sun. That statement rings true, especially in creative endeavors. In my opinion, the best work is that which combines unique things from the past to create an uncanny, new thing. That’s why I love the work of Notre Chauvet.

These Melbourne based artists focus on combining a renaissance / pop art fusion with a contemporary discourse. Painted in mix of oils, aerosol and gold leaf, The brothers’ works are completed under the pseudo name, Notre Chauvet, which in itself has a profound meaning. The duo has a long family background in the arts, and as individuals, have been very successful in the traditional impressionist field across North America and Australia.

However, the pair has only just started releasing their combined work to the public for just three months, and the response Notre Chauvet received has been positively overwhelming. Notre Chauvet has been described as the combined love child and mixture of great artists, the technicalities of Caravaggio, discourse of Ron English and Pop art influence of Erro.

The duo sees themselves “as commentary to what is happening around us… [It’s] all about breaking the mold and making a statement in art, our traditional art background enables us use any technique possible to best convey this.” Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from Notre Chauvet below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.34.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.34.39 PM

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Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.35.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.35.48 PM

Support Your Local Girl Gang

New media artist and founder / creative director of SRC783, Nick Thomm has teamed up with online retailer, Mercy-Merci and its founder, Jay Ramsay, to create, NICK THOMM x MERCY-MERCI, a new series of artworks for Australia’s iconic Chin Chin restaurant and Go Go Bar.

Pairing Thomm’s hyper-colour, photographic collage style with a fashion editorial shot by the pair and featuring models from Mercy-Merci’s Girl Gang; the exhibition comprises four mixed media works, three photographic prints and the exhibition’s hero piece – a large scale, hot pink neon sign, throwing the Mercy-Merci tag line, “Support Your Local Girl Gang.”

On display until the start of April, NICK THOMM X MERCY-MERCI, will be the couple’s last Australian exhibition before moving to New York to complete a six month artistic residency with a global retailer. Take a closer look at some of the images below.

NTxMM_9 NTxMM_10 NTxMM_11 NTxMM_8 NTxMM_7 NTxMM_6 NTxMM_4 NTxMM_2 NTxMM_1 NTxMM_5 NTxMM_3


The Sardonic Style of Greg Haberny



Utilizing the medium of installation, Greg Haberny integrates his multifaceted artistic vision with his knowledge of filmmaking and creates what might be considered film sets and like a storyboard, the strategic decisions and quiet psychologies steer the viewer to take notice of his intentions individually and, as a whole.







Mixing influences from Alfred Hitchcock to Terry Richardson, Haberny’s grasp, awareness and assimilation of cultural iconography remain true to themselves. His regeneration of vintage comics, pin-up girls of yesteryear and baby boomer advertising opens an inner dialogue which shifts our perceptions and creates stories with individual works which participate in a larger experience within the installation. He creates a makeshift, yet nearly cinematic representation turning the gallery into a movie, one to be inhabited, rather than passively viewed.

The unsuspecting viewer of a Greg Haberny installation is torn from the dullness of the everyday and shoved into a violent landscape where greed, lust and ignorance have generated political corruption, wartime propaganda, unemployment, doped-up celebrities, oil disasters and out-of-control industrial policy. Within this environment one is left to identify with the actors, or perhaps victims – from bunnies to boy scouts – who hover between helplessness and defiance. Caught in the midst of fairy tales gone painfully wrong, Haberny’s cast of characters struggle to exist in a crisis of cultural wreckage.









Through a heavily worked technique of cutting, scraping, affixing and the makeshift repair of painted and found elements, Haberny creates and recreates the evidence of damage. The resulting physicality of the work is akin to bodily injury. Like broken bones and bruises following an accident, Haberny’s works expose the shattered remains of our cultural anatomy, struck senseless by a media frenzy of com-modified fear. The constructed visual “pain” is spontaneous and immediate, causing bewilderment followed by a period of reflection. In the end, Haberny concludes that our contemporary wasteland leaves nothing to define. His response is to push forward through the trauma.

Despite the work’s fierce bravado, there remains a perceptible sense of hope for transformation, witnessed in the artist’s attention to detail and a focus on creating miniature stories within each piece. As one might tenderly sew up a rough wound, the artist discloses his methods of working through pain to arrive at healing. Each highly-crafted tableau serves dual function as document and warning, perhaps with the unspoken desire for a future beyond “nothing.”

I had the opportunity to view Greg’s latest exhibition “Burn All Crayons” at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City. Check out some images of his work below.






#WatchThisSpace because it pays to be a strategic hot mess #MileyTaughtMe

Jess & Keegan Master Dynamic Ideas in Static Form

Jess & Keegan are artists who work with the idea that collected effort, from its many parts, and a vast sum of time & energy, is what has built all levels of human interaction. Their work captures this dynamic idea in static form.




The Tea Migration

Open Door


J. Powers Bowman’s “SimCity” Inspired Cityscape Drawings




J. Powers Bowman create collages from a large pool of freehand drawings made, mostly consisting of buildings and other urban features. When photocopied, cut out, and put together, the result is a large-scale, highly detailed cityscape reminiscent of the classic videogame SimCity.

While J has been showing and selling over the past several years, the artist has taken this last year away from submitting and trying to market my work in order to create over two hundred new freehand drawings. None of these have been used in any prior work, and all are larger and in greater detail than anything I have done previously. With this new pool of material J has been making the most advanced series of cityscape pieces.




Flight Deck



A Rosier View for the End of the World

The Apocalypse Approaches.

Later this month according to eschatological belief the world is to come to an end. Exactly how this comes to pass is subject to conjecture however, meteorites, earthquakes or a combination of environmental and mythological phenomena’s appear to be the main predictions. What is interesting is that a number of cultures from around the world have entertained the prediction of an end of days, an apocalypse. Moreover the end of world has entered popular thought and discussion not in a factual way but rather with a peculiar sense of anticipation. The following mixed media work by Melbourne based artist Lucas Grogan explores this apocalypse theme with a traditional aesthetic.
We are creatures who enjoy to speculate about our own demise. The idea of a predestined, preordained dooms-day or “use-by date” for the world is ridiculous, however the consistency of its inclusion in numerous faiths and cultures does strike me as fascinating. An in-built conclusion to the long history of human existence that reflects our own mortality.
Lucas’ “The End of the World” runs through Dec 22 at Jan Manton Art. A day after the world is supposed to end, Dec 21. See you at the end of the world.


“Lionel on Vinyl” and other works from Kristin Farr

Instagram has replaced Tumblr as my favorite social network to find new artists. Take for instance my latest find, Kristin Farr. I instantly became enamored with the San Francisco based artist and Juxtapoz Magazine writer’s geometric inspired mixed media paintings. Take a closer look at some of my favorite pieces from Kristin below.

“Lionel on Vinyl”


What kind of guy goes to QuickHoney.com?

What kind of guy goes to QuickHoney.com? A guy like Drake. At least in the world of Peter Stemmler aka Peekasso he does. A pixel pushing, ditigal, movable gif populated world where Tyler The Creator is a cross-dressing exhibitionist, Kanye and Kim Kardashian kick it with Yoda as opposed to Hov and Bey’ and Supreme and OBEY branding gets a dose of it’s own subversive medicine. #OBOY #OBUY. Read our very subversive talk with “Internet Artist” Peter Stemmler aka Peekasso below.


Art Nouveau: You’re a self-proclaimed “Internet Artist.” What does that mean? And how does that affect your work?

Peekasso: That means for me, that I get most of my inspiration and ideas from the internet and that I use the internet to show my work to a lot of people.

AN: Tell me about the process of creating work. Is it all digital?

P: Yes most of my works are digital (Photoshop/ illustrator), even if its ball point pen on paper or wood burnings..since I trace it on my computer screen, and the real end product is a digital photo.

AN: What statement if any are you trying to make with your work?

P: There are a lot of different statements..in general, beside my normal horniness… alternative interpretations of my reality, in politics, mass media, sex etc .it’s really easy to create your own reality online and play with it.

AN: You have created many works on Facebook and Mark Zuckberg, What’s your take on Facebook’s recent IPO blunder?

I’m fascinated by facebook,..i think they sell people to other people (the same people + advertisers and cia/nsa..etc.), as a form of social cannibalism, than selling this again to people as an ipo, is meta and extremely corrupt and evil, I don’t think there is any blunder, it’s all intentional, to control and condition people. I use facebook to show my work as Peter Peekasso.

AN: What’s more important to an artist’s legacy, Quantity or Quality?

P: I’m not sure I wanna have a classic artist legacy, for me it’s more like a stream of ideas I have to get rid off, while really enjoying the process of trying around till I like a piece of work. My attention span is really short, so most of the stuff I do as peekasso is done in minutes, and the quantity is an important quality of my “art” stream, I see that it makes a single piece of art seam less important, for me it takes also pressure to be perfect away, but keeps the option to be perfect…

AN: What inspires you?

P: Sex, conspiracy teories, politics, philosophy & science, celebrities, other artists, people I know personally, history, drugs, internet memes….etc

AN: Would you consider your work subversive? And what does the term subversive art mean to you?

P: Yes, since I play with alternatives to the official reality, I also see the internet as a big playground, you have fun trying all kind of stuff, but at the end of the day you are wondering how it would be in real life or did you do anything real at all?….and im non commercial as Peekasso, what’s kind of subversive these days, I think subversive in a positive way means for me also experimenting without making compromises. I’m able to do this because I have a real job as a commercial illustrator, witch is still fun, but has the usual limitations of self expression.

AN: You have a hefty commercial portfolio that boasts clients such as Billboard Magazine, AT&T & more. What would you say is the biggest distinction between your personal and commercial work?

P: In my commercial life people tell me what to do, as Peekasso I do what I feel like. I actually like both worlds, the commercial part keeps me grounded in reality (also the money!), and the artsy part gives me the freedom to develop my own ideas.

AN: What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

P: Becoming more influential, stepping into the real world without losing the freedom to do what I want.
AN: What’s next for you?

P: I wanna do more with gif’s, I think they are totally underestimated

For Someone That Keeps A Dream Journal And Has A Slight Obsession With Bob Dylan, Tyler Varsell’s Discoveries are Shockingly Serendipitous

“A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.
– James Joyce

Tyler Varsell is a young collage and mixed media artist from CT who focuses on themes of identity, separation, eros, and serendipitous discovery. After graduating from the University of Hartford in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Web Design & Development (concentration in Media Arts). She was employed with the University of Hartford from 2008-2011 updating and maintaining Admissions websites, and currently work as the Web Presence Manager for a girls preparatory school.

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Art and Aesthetic Aces: Emily Detrick’s Open Letter to Society

Emily Detrick considers herself an artist who uses photography as a tool to communicate an issue visually. She struggled with the decision to study psychology or photography, until she realized she could combine the two and use each to aid the other. Now, living, working and attending SCAD in Atlanta Emily is creating work that focuses on societal issues and psychological problems. Emily aims to start conversations and encourages her audience to reevaluate the way they perceive themselves in relation to society. With that said, Emily has penned an open letter to society complete with visual pieces that can aid any wayfarer on their path to greatness.

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Olek’s Story of Life, Love, Trust and Lust in Modern Times

Olek‘s first solo exhibition in the UK, opens this Thursday, January 26 at Tony’s Gallery in London. Entitled I do not expect to be a mother, but I do expect to die alone, the show runs through March 23, and features a bevy of her signature crocheted mixed media sculptural environments which according to the artist, “tell a story that’s a reflection of life, love trust and lust in our trying modern times.”

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“Our Lady Nippon” Benefit Art Show At DooGallery In Atlanta

One of those late spring Southern nights, real heat of day giving way to a balmy, beautiful breeze, and my true love and I have the sunroof open and the windows down as we roll through town to an art benefit entitled Our Lady Nippon. The natural disaster in Japan well chronicled, painter Ashley Norfleet and Art League Atlanta organized a benefit group show at dooGallery to fundraise locally, under the larger umbrella charitable org Give2Asia Artists Help Japan. All proceeds from the event going to the cause.

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Blue Ribbon & Aerosol: New Work By GreatEclectic

Art Nouveau editor Kendrick Daye aka GreatEclectic is busy finishing up work for his debut solo exhibition Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him which opens April 14 at Studio 900. The Atlanta based artist/designer recently posted these latest works on his Tumblr. I don’t know about you…but I can’t help getting excited.

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