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All That Glitters Isn’t Santigold

Another day, another “real” artist bites the dust. I loved Santigold’s first album. I stood by her while the rest of the music industry collectively wrote her off as a bootleg version of M.I.A. But, in the almost four years that she went without releasing new material, I forgot why I fell in love with her music. So, it pains me to write that Santigold, again playing second fiddle to M.I.A., has become the Jesus Christ of Indie music, bearing the cross of obscurity, smug “authenticity” and a seriously warped view of popular music that can only be compared to “rockstar envy.”

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LMFAO – Party Animal Anthem (Music Video)

LMFAO’s Redfoo and Sky Blu slipped into comas after excessive party rocking. The next morning, their single “Party Rock Anthem” was released to the world. 28 Days later the duo is partying with zombies. Sounds like an average night in Los Angeles if you ask me. Watch the clip below.

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An-Mag.com & The-Socials.com Present “Drip” The Mixtape (Download)

If you were in Atlanta last weekend and didn’t make it out to “Drip,” the launch party for The-Socials.com you missed out. Click here to see what you missed. And now you can hear what you missed. Download the official mixtape, mixed by Art Nouveau Magazine Editor in Chief Kendrick Daye. The mix features mixes of Lady Gaga, Roisin Murphy, Rye Rye, David Guetta, Peaches, and more. It’s not the entire dance revolution that was heard at the party, but it’s close enough. Download link and tracklisting below.

Download: An-Mag.com & The-Socials.com present “Drip: The Mixtape”


1. Rye Rye – Bang Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix)
2. David Guetta & Wynter Gordon – Toyfriend
3. Corinne Stevie & M.I.A. – Club_Kidz (GotDion Remix)
4. Peaches – Serpentine
5. Ludacris feat Ciara & Pitbull – How Low (Remix)
6. Britney Spears – 3 (DubStep Remix)
7. 8Ball & MJG – Relax & Take Notes
8. Kanye West & Sade- Say You Will/Cherish The Day (Mashup)
9. Sade – Soldier of Love
10. Rihanna feat Young Jeezy – Hard
11. Noise Porn starring Koohl Cardi, Ben Carson & Corinne Stevie – Noise Porn
12. Ms. Jade & Corinne Stevie- Better Get That (Remix)
13. Lady Gaga & Beyonce- Telephone (Remix)
14. Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake & Twista – Telephone (Remix)
15. Rihanna – Sexuality
16. Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know
17. LMFAO – I Am Not A Whore
18. Solange – Would Have Been The One
19. Theopilus London – Always Love U
20. Kelis – Acapella
21. J*DaVeY – Duh Duh Duh
22. Basement Jaxx feat Maleka, Kelis & Chipmunk – Scars
23. David Guetta feat Kid Cudi – Memories
24. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Chew Fu Remix)