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Bound to Break: He is RVHOMME.

Underneath a black veil stares the amorous eyes of a most sinister beholder. Waltzing through the crowd, he dawns a sensuous presence that leaves onlookers peering out of their peripherals. They lust to know more. They whisper amongst themselves. Who is he? Where did he come from? What will he do next? He is the desired, the unknown. He is the man whose breed is bound to break all the rules, the only one of his kind. He is RVHOMME.


RVHOMME is the aesthetic child of fashion virtuoso Jae Joseph. Set to launch in summer 2013, the capsule collection stands a true embodiment of the man behind the brand. Joseph stitches his love of lace, leather, and film noir into something of a progressive pastiche. Together, the three tell the story of an unsuspected romance, a rebellious essence in the midst of a delicate union. RVHOMME is a classic collection with an urban edge. Set your eyes on the film beneath to peep a glimpse of the magnum opus that is RVHOMME.