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Iggy Azalea Is An Enigma Of Sorts, The Catwoman Of Rap Music

a Ned Kelly is a notorious Australian gangster considered a cold-blooded killer and is symbolic in Australia for political resistance. Think Scarface, but with a purpose. Grace Kelly is an iconic American actress that is known as much for her poise as her monologues. “I use to be obsessed with Grace Kelly. When I get married, I want to dress like her. She[...]

GreatEclectic: Deaf Jams

I used to be a huge Foxy Brown fan. Even now, I can still rap the lyrics to “BK Anthem” like I ghostwrote it. As it became more apparent she might actually be bipolar after she alienated everyone in the music industry including Jay-Z, Diddy, and every female rapper I just stopped caring. Plus she didn't seem interested in recording anything worth hearing. I[...]