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Mood Ring: We Are Mortals

WE ARE MORTALS® is an evolutionary gender-free urban streetwear brand.

We call ourselves MORTALS because we are the ones who understand the brevity of human life and the need to live it fully and limitlessly. We also believe that as MORTALS, we’re all equal. That is why we created our brand around this idea of a future in which we wear our personalities, not our gender identities or other stereotypical labels. Coining the phrase The Future Has No Gender, WE ARE MORTALS® seeks to challenge the conventional and outdated his/hers formula of clothing design and retail. In the future, there will be room to exist in a ‘gray area’ in which our identities don’t rely on gender, sexual, or racial classification. Ultimately, we hope that by removing the traditional gender designations from our clothing, we can facilitate a cultural shift in the way we view gender, sexuality, and each other.


WeAreMortals living soundtrack, sonic couture for the post-structural human culture, in founder Anji Becker’s own words…


“(W)orld Town” – M.I.A

She’s an artist that speaks up for causes, represents underprivileged people in the world. she’s fearless, a powerful woman who doesn’t accept traditional gender stereotypes.

“(E)rotica” –  Madonna

Madonna was pushing boundaries in that era, trying to make sex less taboo and exploring all types of sexuality in her videos.

“(A)ll We Perceive” – Thievery Corporation

Calling an early audible with this one, Art Nouveau jumped in with a touch of a sonic 180 but kept in the core theme within WAM: collective perception. As much the deconstruction of archaic limitations and labels, the notion of gender, humanity, mortality, and oneness is entirely built upon perception… and so, for a clothing line founded upon the shared condition of the all, the entirety is nothing more, nor anything less that the entirety of the all in shared perception.

“(R)hythm Nation” – Janet Jackson

One of my personal favorites from the 80s… loved the dancing in the video, and the song reminds me of WeAreMortals because it’s talking about bringing everybody together as one and fighting injustices.

“(E)ast 1999” – Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

They rap a lot about death, which is a theme behind the brand, and I listened to a lot of this back in the day. I’ve always been really influenced by rap and hip/hop, so it’s no surprising I’ve chosen oversized street wear as my genre of fashion.

“(M)iracle” – Culture Club

Genderless clothing is what we represent, and Boy George was someone who was gender-fluid back in the 80s when it was way less socially acceptable. Amazing how much progress we’ve made in 30+ years!

“(O)ne” – U2

The lyrics talk about coming together as humans and not looking down upon those who are different (because we’re all different). The video also shows U2 in drag, so that was bold for their era.

“(R)eady or Not” – The Fugees

Another AN-audible… post-structuralism is here, ready or not: fashion functions in line with said societal shift #thefuturehasnogender #thefutureispresent

“(T)he Show Must Go On” – Queen

A song about death. We don’t know why we’re here on Earth, but the idea behind We Are Mortals is just to live life to the fullest while you are here, which is what the song is about.

“(A)rmy of Me” – Bjork

Bjork is a huge inspiration because nobody has really come close to replicating her creativity. She represents powerful women with this song. Personally, I feel like I’m creating this brand as an army of me right now as well!

“(L)ast Name Katz” – Zebra Katz

One of my favorite artists right now! I love everything about his music, and what he represents is change because being a queer rapper probably wouldn’t have been acceptable until now. It’s a new movement that started in NY and I hope it spreads everywhere.

“(S)oda” – Boody & Le1f

Le1f is another staple in the queer rap genre. He’s bold and fearless with his lyrics and he always makes you dance!

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Serving With Slaysia, Ep. 4

Asia… Asia, Asia: Asia. Is a very real thing. And reality will deal. In increasing measure. Well into the forseeable future. Asia is a Hollywood Renaissance. Black, Female, French, Bulldog. Serving for the stars. Slaying for life. Sitting sideways. Shading moonlight. Asia didn’t sign up for this, but — as a wise man once said: you don’t sign up for what you’re born into. Asia was born to slay for life and serve the light. Werk. It. Black. Sheesus. #amen


I stole Mommy’s cellphone and will be posting photos all day long. I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!” – @MissAsiaKinney

Act 1: Serving “I’ll Worry About My Opposable Thumbs – You Worry About Your Data Plan” Realness

· · ·


I love to eat while I sketch my ideas for the fashionable puppy line I’m starting!

Act 2: Serving “Let Them Eat Couture” Realness


· · ·


I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products, so I really have a knack for what’s quality. My vision is to find creative & functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!

Act 3: Serving “Function, meet Fashion; Conjunction Funcshion, meet the Finest Hook Up This Side of Neverland” Realness #creativerebelleion

· · ·


ORGANIC GRAIN-FREE LOCAL FARM INGREDIENTS are the best for our body and brain. That’s what I eat! That’s why I’m inspired to also create A Pet Food Line.


· · ·


After a sunny morning looking out for ‘Bunnies & Truffles’, I love sniffing around the rose garden for the latest luxuries!

Act 5: Serving “Cosmopolitan Coming-of-Age” Realness… where Botticelli meets the Bildungsroman #HereComesKojiCottontail #PigsLoveTruffles #MaturationStation

· · ·


Keep a look out for a special announcement. I’m the star of a new campaign for a major luxury fashion brand. You never know, I could grace the pages of Italian Vogue.

Act 6: Serving … I can’t… Look, at, that, face. The realness can’t be contained by quotation demarcation. Let’s note, that Asia has a diamond and pearl collar that serves “Loving Me Is Like Chewing On These” Realness. She has a purse. Asia, has a… gold clutch, that serves “Reverse Ownership” meets “More Studded V, Mother Monster Couldn’t Get Through To Me” Realness; while the collective spread gives pure “Champagne Meets Crystalline On The Solo Picnic Scene,” “Close Down Roseland, Open Up Rosegarden,” “The Reality of Not Allowing This Face To Fool You – I Beg Of You, Please Realize Said State of All Proximal Realities” Realness to the utmost… Um, and no – I know, but we can’t right now with the over-the-shoulder… it’s, it’s much too much… Asia knows the collective sentiment.

· · ·


I love reading high fashion magazines and invisioning the clothes & accessories in dog sizes for my Pet Clothing Line

Act 7: Serving “Hold Your Head High, Paws (Figuratively Considering) To The Sky… They Gon’ Try to Try Ya, but They Can’t Deny Ya #keepitmovinghigher” with an incomparable dose of “For the Stars, For the Gods, Honoring For the Selfie Nation” Realness … and a side of “The Only Time I Envision ‘En’ before a ‘V’ is when I’m Freeing My Mind with 90s R&B #Invision #EnVogue” meets “My Champagne Glass Remains Half Full, I Am Puppy Ambition – Never Thirsty #sipstea” #educationisthemotivation #readupchildren

· · ·


In the afternoon, I go for a ride. I have SKIN & FOOD ALLERGIES, so I’m an expert in the most PROTECTIVE, COMFY, & STYLISH FABRICS FOR DOGS. Sometimes even Mommy’s jealous of my lks! …

Act 8: Serving “Keep In Mind That I’m An Artist – And I’m Sensitive About My Skin” meets *”Applause” VEVO Certified Voice* “that scene – my dog” Realness with a daughter dose of “some Eliza Doolittle realness. My life is cinema.” Realness. Um, and again – can’t even with the diamonds (crystals?) in the ears… she hears you loud and alchemically (Swarovski?) clear… girl’s best doublegem twins #SecretSafe

· · ·


After a long day of work, laying in the roses, trolling the chicken coop, & walking on the town. I get a nice bath that is gentle on my skin with warm towels that keep this short-hair happy!

Act 9: Serving “Planet Billy GOAT Plush” Realness #ShortAndSweet #KeepItRealDotDotDotClean

· · ·


Once in a while I even get aroma-therapy massage and it really helps me wind down if I have an itchy day! Mommy and I can recommend all sorts of soothing remedies.

Act 10: Serving “Scent of a Recommendation” meets “Soothe You Can Use” Realness

· · ·


I can’t wait to share even more of my ideas. Look out for even more about me on littlemonsters.com! I can’t speak, but I try my piggy best to show “Thank you” and “I love you” with my eyes. Every dog is forever a puppy and should be loved like one.

Act 11: Serving “Eye Saw The Sign” meets “Hush, Puppy Love” Realness

(… Meanwhile, on Planet Fainting Goat, I’m serving “I just came to littlemonsters.com to have a good time, and ever since they kicked me off for what I assume to be underutilization of said platform – I’m feeling really attacked, and bullied, right now” Surrealness… neither here nor there, just a parenthetical aside.)

· · ·

Watch This Space: … and those Brown Eyes.

GREATeclectic Lana Del Rey Shirt & Anna Wintour Crew Neck

Artist and designer GREATeclectic presents his latest limited edition apparel release. Using his original mixed media collages as inspiration, these features unique renditions of his vibrant, signature style. Retailing for $30 USD for the t-shirts and $40 for the crew neck, GREATeclectic’s latest drops are availble online now, and can be purchased via his online store, www.buybye.bigcartel.com.




These pieces and more new art and posters are available via my online store www.buybye.bigcartel.com


I Love You More Than My Own SKIN

Photographer by Jonas Hoejgaard |Art direction and styling by Francis Urrutia | Illustrations by Florian wowretzko | Hair and makeup by Madision MIlls | Modeling by Lilah P at Muse (uk).

#WatchThisSpace Find this editorial and much more in Art Nouveau’s 9th issue entitled SKIN. Click here to get your copy!

Dinu Bodiciu Opts For An Unconventional Fashion Presentation

Dinu Bodiciu must not be very superstitious. The thought of bad luck didn’t stop the London based womenswear and millinery designer best known for lacing Lady GaGa for her appearance on Jay Leno, from launching his Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Swiss Church in London in an one night event with live music, video works and set design.

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Foreword Story: That’s Death Over Designer

When I received our assignment sheet from our editor-in-chief, I saw the headline “Foreword Story: That’s Death Over Designer” and I immediately reply. Ironically, I was having a conversation just days earlier relating to the killer topic with a great friend and mentor of mine, author and lyricist Gene “Malice ” Thorton. The conversation came along because an artist signed to Universal Records was recently arrested in Hampton, Va for assaulting and robbing a man for jumping in front of him and taking the last pair of Jordans. My thing is if you have a legit contract with a label, why are you punching people over the last paper of shoes? Whats the real point of trappin’ all day and hustling’ all night if when you do finally make it to the top, you’re still acting like a hooligan?

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Live From The Coast: A look at Gold Coast Trading Co.’s “Winds from the North” collection

Designer Emeka Alams, of Gold Coast Trading Co., has been on the radar of fashion followers for a few seasons now unleashing his take on merging African and western styles. So many have used this concept as inspiration in the fashion world, and undoubtedly, many will again. Almost to the point that it could fall in the category of “done and redone.” The colors and spirit of African garb are by nature and design something that would attract a designer of any background. But what makes Alams’ work at Gold Coast so special is his profound connection to his home continent. His life has taken him back and forth between the Ivory Coast to various cities in Western Europe and America. He has lived through the social and political unrest that plagues the whole continent firsthand. Alams’ pride of his heritage translates to a brand that is a unique, non-literal interpretation of an idea that is personal for him.

MSGM’s A/W 2012 Menswear Line Has Vintage Advantage

The MSGM fall menswear collection was the perfect complement to their lovely retro-Italian take on modern patterns and prints for women. The men’s collection also had rockabilly mixed in, a pink single breasted blazer with a contrasting black lapel looked like it would effortlessly match the purplish hot pants and hound’s-tooth jackets MSGM featured for girls this season. While stylists will probably certainly be hitting up the brand to feature their retro pieces in throwback editorials, but that wasn’t all there was to the selection provided for the guys. As far as prints went there was a complementing mix of optical illusions, floral fixtures, cartoonish-bird prints and an almost Bill Cosby 90s design featured on a selection of sweater-vests. With matching pants and oxfords in electric florals the look was a madcap mix of vintage-reborn color clashes and unique well-crafted basics.

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MSGM’s Women’s A/W 2012 Collection Full Of Firework Prints Is One Not To Be Ignored

A fall collection full of firework prints is one not to be ignored, making fireworks work without being overtly loud is a major feat – but somehow the designer behind MSGM made them look classy putting the fun prints on wide-legged trousers, a full skirted cocktail dress among other items in the collections. The color bursting print was the perfect introduction – leading into a series of other fun prints – florals, stripes, a bold black and white zig zag and finishing off with a powerful hound’s-tooth. The fireworks sort of stole the show, as the novelty of a firework print is both charming and fun -but mixed in were lovely camel sweaters, floral print cropped jackets, pink shirts, bright blue coats, emerald green shift dresses and lovely red leather gloves.

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Graffiti Meets Art: A Look at the Fine Art of Tailoring

The Fine Art of Tailoring is a New Fashion Art Label, a collaboration between Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer Camille Lorigo (of Che Camille), Abstract Graffiti Artist Mark Lyken and Tailor Jennie Dear. The label creates handmade, hand-painted and one of a kind wearable garments carefully balanced in both design and construction.

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The Haus sans Dada, sans Laurieann, Heavy on the Nicola… #ohnico Ian, Michael, Asiel #werethedancers

The Haus: From Government Hookers not giving a Sheibe and Paris runways getting werqed twice, from Judas and Jo Calderone to Laurie Ann overthrown, please believe we always left a key under the welcome mat for Hauskeeping to keep a humble home – if not beasted and broken in the best way known

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Angelos Frentzos Crafts a Youth Couture Statement That Respects Tradition and Roots

Angelos Frentzos’  menswear line is based on his expansive taste for contemporary art, music and new age attitude. The Athens, Greece born designer started working in the industry after graduating Athens’ School of Fine Arts and Printing Design in 1992.

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4. Romantic Naturalism, Cultural Anxiety, Savage Beauty, Fashion as the Fundamental Function

“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.” – Alexander McQueen

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21. Style is a Pattern So It’s Going to Get Repeated

Style is a pattern so its going to get repeated. Designer this. Hand made that. Gucci, Gucci, fendi, prada, vintage appeal nevertheless stopped winning, and won. This year patterns and prints found its way into some of favorite designers palettes and work.

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