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Bad Haikus c/o Abe Chuang

Remember when you had to make a haiku when learning poetry in middle school? If you weren’t blessed with a full blown literary talent at that age they were really bad right? Mine were. These aren’t those adolescent haiku poetry. Not exactly.

Artist and designer Abe Chuang takes the term “bad haikus” to task in his digital art project. Abe takes those bad haikus and designs them for the digital generation in the most clever ways. They are mostly in the digital setting, mimicking text pad notes, but every now and then he steps into the analog world and plays. In one image he scribbles the haiku, “Did I really write this one as I was Shitting? Maybe. Probably.” on his legs in ball point pen as he sits on the toilet. Dope shit. Literally.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces from Abe Chuang below. and follow blah on Abe on Instagram for more.











If You Don’t Retweet This Post, We’ll Kill This Dog

I kid. I kid. But, this is all in the ironic spirit of Mag + Art.  Mag + Art is a brilliant art series by Phillippinne based artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo, that collages classical works of art with pop culture magazine covers.

 “Famous paintings of artists like Boticelli, Ingres, Klimt and Picasso were overlain with iconic covers of popular magazines like Life, Time, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone to produce funny and interesting visual combos. This ongoing project on Tumblr is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture. I did something like this before for FHM Philippines.” –Bernardo

Check out our favorite pieces from Mag + Art’s feed. Because, we’re all vain since 1999. #rollonstones

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Modern Timing: Freaky Portraits by Francisco Pez

Francisco Pez is an artist for our Modern Age. The French artist’s work is as critical as it is cynical. For he who ROFL last, ROFL best. Deeply rooted in the interaction between mass media, social groups, and the individual, the digital collages find Francisco using symbols such as a pigeon as a metaphor for our society. According to the 28 year old artist, “his goal is to show that this interaction between the indivudal and the larger society influences and in most cases stunts the growth of the truly indivudal personality.” Francisco’s a hard act to unfollow. So take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces from Francisco.

Pixels versus the Perfect Imagery

Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian artist who focuses on visual artifacts created by various computer programs and from the more traditional analog video signals. The consequence of those imperfections and corrupted files are his landscapes and narrative images (stills). Also, having a film background helps him to compose with emerging medias and explore new possibilities of the digital canvas.

The images not only document the fragility of those virtual data, they are often capable of triggering memories and associations from real world life experience. We are consequently faced with electronic malfunctions in the realm of pixels versus the perfect imagery.

What kind of guy goes to QuickHoney.com?

What kind of guy goes to QuickHoney.com? A guy like Drake. At least in the world of Peter Stemmler aka Peekasso he does. A pixel pushing, ditigal, movable gif populated world where Tyler The Creator is a cross-dressing exhibitionist, Kanye and Kim Kardashian kick it with Yoda as opposed to Hov and Bey’ and Supreme and OBEY branding gets a dose of it’s own subversive medicine. #OBOY #OBUY. Read our very subversive talk with “Internet Artist” Peter Stemmler aka Peekasso below.


Art Nouveau: You’re a self-proclaimed “Internet Artist.” What does that mean? And how does that affect your work?

Peekasso: That means for me, that I get most of my inspiration and ideas from the internet and that I use the internet to show my work to a lot of people.

AN: Tell me about the process of creating work. Is it all digital?

P: Yes most of my works are digital (Photoshop/ illustrator), even if its ball point pen on paper or wood burnings..since I trace it on my computer screen, and the real end product is a digital photo.

AN: What statement if any are you trying to make with your work?

P: There are a lot of different statements..in general, beside my normal horniness… alternative interpretations of my reality, in politics, mass media, sex etc .it’s really easy to create your own reality online and play with it.

AN: You have created many works on Facebook and Mark Zuckberg, What’s your take on Facebook’s recent IPO blunder?

I’m fascinated by facebook,..i think they sell people to other people (the same people + advertisers and cia/nsa..etc.), as a form of social cannibalism, than selling this again to people as an ipo, is meta and extremely corrupt and evil, I don’t think there is any blunder, it’s all intentional, to control and condition people. I use facebook to show my work as Peter Peekasso.

AN: What’s more important to an artist’s legacy, Quantity or Quality?

P: I’m not sure I wanna have a classic artist legacy, for me it’s more like a stream of ideas I have to get rid off, while really enjoying the process of trying around till I like a piece of work. My attention span is really short, so most of the stuff I do as peekasso is done in minutes, and the quantity is an important quality of my “art” stream, I see that it makes a single piece of art seam less important, for me it takes also pressure to be perfect away, but keeps the option to be perfect…

AN: What inspires you?

P: Sex, conspiracy teories, politics, philosophy & science, celebrities, other artists, people I know personally, history, drugs, internet memes….etc

AN: Would you consider your work subversive? And what does the term subversive art mean to you?

P: Yes, since I play with alternatives to the official reality, I also see the internet as a big playground, you have fun trying all kind of stuff, but at the end of the day you are wondering how it would be in real life or did you do anything real at all?….and im non commercial as Peekasso, what’s kind of subversive these days, I think subversive in a positive way means for me also experimenting without making compromises. I’m able to do this because I have a real job as a commercial illustrator, witch is still fun, but has the usual limitations of self expression.

AN: You have a hefty commercial portfolio that boasts clients such as Billboard Magazine, AT&T & more. What would you say is the biggest distinction between your personal and commercial work?

P: In my commercial life people tell me what to do, as Peekasso I do what I feel like. I actually like both worlds, the commercial part keeps me grounded in reality (also the money!), and the artsy part gives me the freedom to develop my own ideas.

AN: What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

P: Becoming more influential, stepping into the real world without losing the freedom to do what I want.
AN: What’s next for you?

P: I wanna do more with gif’s, I think they are totally underestimated

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Richard Davies Is Ever The Optimist

South Wales-based Richard Davies is a graphic designer and digital artist freelancing under the name of Turksworks. Inspired by pop culture, with a background in traditional art, his brilliantly executed work has seen the insides of publications like Rolling Stone over the past couple years. Davies’ innovative nature and adaptable style and skills give him reason to be optimistic about the future of digital art in an ever-changing design industry.

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Art and Aesthetic Aces: Big Dreams, Gangster, Victoria Viray and the Art of Sexy

Victoria Viray aka Prettymonkey26 likes to draw/paint things–very sexy things. Using a wide variety of mediums, from vectors to digital painting, traditional charcoals to acrylics, her style can be summed up in several words; punk, rock, sexy, sensual, fluid, angst, beauty, woman, feminine, orgasmic.

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Art and Aesthetic Aces: Rodrigo Araya Salas is a Pixel Pusher

Santiago, Chile based artist Rodrigo Araya Salas is a pixel pusher. It was Picasso that said all children are born artists, it’s remaining one as an adult that is tricky. According to Rodrigo, he’s been a designer, illustrator, font creator since childhood and well into adulthood he doesn’t look like he plans to switch it up. Take a closer look at Rodrigo’s work below.

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