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Geminelle: Radiant, Raw, a Woman Rediscovering Herself

Without the story, there is no artist. Without the struggle, there is no sound. Without the journey, there is no soul. With introspection and experience, the path to one’s truth is uncovered in its deep and ever-changing form. Morphing always, the product is not as much a set identity as it is an energy, a humble knowing.

So-Cal bred, Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Geminelle speaks this universal language of self-discovery that embraces audiences with something both resonating and relatable. Sharing her journey through her sound, Geminelle sings not just with candor but a radiance that embraces and invites. A captivating appeal, though, only begins to describe what makes this songstress such a rarity. Entwining glowing vocals with grounded lyrics, Geminelle talks about what it means to be human, to be perfect in one’s imperfection, and to walk through clarity and confusion with spirit and sense.

“I believe that music has the power to heal,” she says in our recent interview. “It’s a beautiful chance to share my story, to share my experiences, my journey, my testimony,” she adds. With roots in San Diego, Geminelle’s aqueous influence is illuminated in her philosophy and entrenched in her music. Growing up by the sea and amidst the mountains fostered an adventurous nature that later found her performing on city streets from Austin and New Orleans to Chicago. Her transition to New York, however, was about being “humbled”, a career move in which she “[learned] how to be a big fish in a gigantic lake, an ocean even.”

DSC_9336-1 (1)

No matter the city, Geminelle maintains a connection and drive that keeps her moving forward personally and artistically. “Every day, I’m trying to figure out myself a little bit more,” she says. “I write from a really real place…and a lot of that is just self reflection and self love and learning self love,” she continues. “All I really want to do is inspire people to be greater.”

With a summer album release ahead, Geminelle’s Audiobook will talk about self-confrontation, self-destruction, and a time in which she was forced to look inside. “It’s my literal journey, for a span of a year and a half,” she says. “I think you can expect from Audiobook this journey of a woman who is rediscovering herself…aside from societal influences, aside from damage and self hate.”

A self-named “writer, artist, counselor,” and “healer”, Geminelle uses her honey-like vocals to grow closer to herself while doing the same with her audience. A woman of many titles, she emanates that which brought her here today. Many roles, cities, and songs later, Geminelle warrants a pensive listen and soothing effect that binds growth with veracity. Like the sea that touches a melding, setting sun, Geminelle abides less by the beginning of one chapter and end of another and more by the remarkable amalgamation of where and how each moment has rippled into the next.

Check out Geminelle’s music here.

Filtered drums here, whistling Intro there…MeLo-X’s “GOD MAGIC” is infectious

One of the best attributes about MeLo-X‘s writing is his ability to be honest. With that being said, this is exactly what you get from his first single “GOD MAGIC” off his forth coming EP GOD:LoFi. MeLo genuinely speaks about paying dues and looking within himself (It’s the God,God) to control his destiny.

#WatchThisSpace This quality of music usually stands the test of time.

Phase Two of Phaseone

One of my favorite producers, Phaseone is finally on his way to dropping his second album titled If I Tell U set to be available May 7th. Already with his featured single “Blood Spirit I” ready for people to listen, he is continuing his production skills from his first album Thanks But No Thanks. He is backed by Williams Street Records which Adult Swims record company who is responsible for Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music. On this album, Phaseone continues his Hiphop influences while adopting some other elements from his musical repertoire. You can check out his new single “Blood Spirit I” via Pitchfork where you can also see the setlist for the new album.


Jay Boogie’s lucky number is 718

Jay Boogie is in good company with the fam in the cut. Cigarette holder for his new ports, the self-proclaimed “Trap Fag with a microphone” goes off on Biggie’s “Dead Wrong.” 718 must be his lucky number. “I’m just waiting on my Tanisha shit, like pop off,” Boogie spits. Perhaps a censored version? Meeehhhh probably not! Where brooklyn at? The freestyle previews Boogie’s upcoming EP. Until then listen and download the “Dead Wrong” freestyle below.

Will OXHEART be the next Factory, a la Warhol? The next Club 57, a la Haring and Scharff?

The first time I heard about OXHEART was in February, in a bar on New York’s Lower East Side. “We want to do a party,” my friend Carlos said. A party? I love parties. How do I get involved?


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SnappScenes: Who Taught Mr. Boyd How To Shake Us Down?

Contemporary male R&B and soul crooners get the least amount of play in my iTunes library. Of course the heyday of the genre saw greats like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass and more shift out classic after classic with ease. They had something to say, but more importantly as men when sex was on their mind, it was expressed with a sweetness that is a stark contrast to the tastelessness of contemporary R&B. Go ahead, compare Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” to Chris Brown’s “Wet The Bed.” After you give the hardest side-eye of your life, please give Brooklyn based visual connoisseur and musician Mr. Boyd a chance.

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SnapTrakks: Young Jeezy – I Do (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)

Leave it to Brooklyn based DJ Sammy Bananas to turn Young Jeezy’s super-smooth southern anthem “I Do” into a Nu Disco house anthem. Glitter & Grills, Gold chains and champagne, Sammy flips this already flipped track and turns it on it’s ass. If for any other reason than it feels fucking good. Turn this one up, loud.

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The Cold and Sexy Life of Blaise Allysen Kearsley

The lights are dimmed and the mood sustained by the persistent grey of a Brooklyn sky; A short-lived drizzle creeps slyly down the whitewashed windows, peering inside upon a half robed woman. Her Ink smudged fingers return to the photograph whose accidental stain of yesterday morning’s coffee leaves aromatic pleasantries adrift in the air. The photograph is one of her eighth grade self, bare-faced with an expression of stark mystery, almost reflectory of the one she is boasting now sitting before it. Silently, she pauses in recollection of the sensation she attained at that time, when the camera was fresh to her hands…

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Street Brilliance: Gabriel Specter is Exact as a Matter of Fact

Street art is a dangerous game. If you aren’t worrying about authorities, it’s your contemporaries, so being precise and stark is just part of the job description. Internationally known street artist Gabriel Specter has all that covered.

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Street Brilliance: Aakash Nihalani Connects the Dots

Aakash Nihalani‘s street art work consists of mostly isometric rectangles and squares. The Brooklyn based artist selecticly places these graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. For however brief, the artist is offering viewrs a chance to step into a different New York than they are used to seeing. This momentary escape from routine is needed. “People need to understand that how it is isn’t how it has to be,” the artist explains in his artist statement. Take a closer look at Aakash’s work below.

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Hello Brooklyn, Nemo Achida Adores You

New York City holds a special place for artists. No matter the medium, intrinsically there is something that pushes most creative minds to get their asses to New York if they ever plan to get serious about their career. If you’re an artist, I know you’ve heard that internal chant constantly reminding you ‘You’ve got to have your New York years, You’ve got to have your New York years.’ I’ve heard that voice since I was young. I’ve ignored it, loathed it, talked back, and now I’m finally listening. Which is why Nemo Achida‘s latest EP, Goodbye Brooklyn found it’s way to my inbox in the nick of time.

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Let’s Get Contemporary: “Amusa Bouche” at Rouge58 Gallery

“Amusa Bouche” is bringing a taste of Montreal to Brooklyn, New York. “Amusa Bouche” which is a collection of contemporary and visual artists from Montreal will be showcasing their work at the ROUGE58 gallery in Brooklyn, New York.. The exhibition will feature work from Montreal based artists Tim Bernard, JP King, Alan Ganev, and Nathan Brown.


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London Is For Lovers: A Sit Down with Theophilus London

Theophilus London sits behind an aging wooden table eagerly munching on the vegetable platter that was brought out for him.  His long and lanky arms engulf the table as he grabs another baby carrot from the vegetable platter. His eyes are hidden behind his signature dark shades and a cap, he designed to coincide with the release of his first EP Lovers Holiday, covers his head.

Since releasing This Charming Mixtape in 2009, the Brooklyn raised performer, has garnered a lot of attention for his electro-pop driven music. Theophilus came to Atlanta to perform exclusively for Art Nouveau Magazine’s 3rd Year Anniversary Party at Deefor Centre. He sat down with Art Nouveau before soundcheck to discuss his musical influences (including Garth Brooks), his rise to fame, and what female body part gives his music the most inspiration.

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Curbs & Stoops’ Active Space Opens Tonight In NYC

Ah, yet another reason I need to pack all my shit up and head straight to New York City, Brooklyn or Chelsea to be exact. Our good friends at Curbs & Stoops will open their Active Space on Norte Maar’s infamous Beat Nite. A collaboration between Wel, the project is a progressive cultural center and this Friday the art collective will open the first 6,000 square feet of the space.

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Hello Brooklyn: Anthony Lister’s Latest Mural

Brooklyn based artist Anthony Lister is everywhere–literally. His work can be found sprawled across walls across the world. This image of an apparently newer piece by the artist was shot by Sabeth. As usual, the piece is a tour de force of the sport that is street art.

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Stella Im Hultberg Rearranges Studio & Shows Off New Work

Stella Im Hultberg re-arranged her studio recently and posted photos of the new set up on her blog. Along with the clear space she now has, she posted images of new works: one is a painting in her branded style of sexy/moody awesomness the other are some interesting looking clay pieces. I’m interested to see this develop. Take a closer look at the pieces below. And click here to visit Stella’s blog for more.

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Stella Im Hultberg’s In Progress Self Portrait

Brooklyn, NY based artist Stella Im Hultberg recently posted this photo of an in progress self-portrait. The piece is for an upcoming show at London Miles Gallery, entitled “Idol Hours,” where each artist chooses an older masterpiece to re-interpret. Stella has decided to take on Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portrait seen below. Stella chose this piece because she believes she can “tackle it from the angle of the subject matter…without tainting the original artist.” Continue reading Stella Im Hultberg’s In Progress Self Portrait