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How Jay-Z Turned The First Legitimate Revolution Of Our Generation Into A Very Profitable T-Shirt

When news first broke last week that Rocawear was releasing their "Occupy All Streets" line of t-shirts I was skeptical to say the least. As most of us know, Rocawear was at one time Jay-Z's insanely popular clothing line- so popular that for a few years Jay found more success with fashion than he did with music. It was impossible to go anywhere without [...]

Re-Branding America: Jersey Shore no more, LDN gets it in-nit

Bringing Ad a Day back like a phoenix from the ashes… much like the fleur-de-lis did this year; naturally, in an effort to polish the once lost treasure, New Orleans made it clear – with advertisements like the one below – they have a keen focus on waste management… read: after Mark “Brownie Hell-on-Earth of a Job” Brown got done with us we know what trash l[...]

Everyone’s Work Is Equally Important…

Don’t read – just blink and go. Three steps to fifteen minutes   Brand Yourself … and the phone that understands said brand “Everybody’s work is equally important…” #wordsbywhichtolive Ad the end of the day, the world is yours   If you have a great photo of “Art is Everywhere” email it to submit@an-mag.com with the subject m[...]