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Art Nouveau’s Fall Issue Available Now

Art Nouveau’s four part fall issue entitled BOLD is available now at MagCloud.com. Take a look at each issue below. Click the covers for a full preview of the magazine.

Cover 1: Alex Gross

Cover 2: Flavio Melchiorre

Cover 3: Bilal

Cover 4: Coco & Breezy

If you’re interested in carrying Art Nouveau in your boutique, gallery or store please email info@an-mag.com with the subject STOCKIST

Behind The Flavio Melchiorre Cover Of Art Nouveau

Flavio Melchiorre was the first artist I contacted about contributing work to the Fall issue of Art Nouveau. The Italian based artist had just emailed me his latest work. It blew me away of course. Here is a snippet of my interview with Flavio.

Art Nouveau Magazine: When did you know you were an artist?
Flavio Melchiorre: Am I an artist? Really? Thank you Kendrick, I thought I’d be crazy but it is just this! Seriously, i don’t know, but I remember that I drew since I was a child, I always loved carrying my thoughts on paper or other materials.

ANM: Would you say culture affects your design aesthetic?
FM: Yes, certainly! I’m a very curious and I love discovering new things (music, film, books, people, places ) maybe my ambient has a great impact on my work. I lives in a zone of Italy called “Abruzzo” know as the “Green heart of europe.” My home is far 10 minutes from the sea and 30 minutes from the mountain, a place full of colors of nature. Also my work experience has influenced my design aesthetic, mainly fashion industry.

ANM: Explain your design process.
FM: When I make my patterns, first I try to get carried instinctively drawing randomly, then I take a long time to create modular and color combinations. When I make figurative illustrations instead usually I know what I want to express, so I try to follow an idea even if I go very often to improve it during its development. Usually I make freehand drawing on wacom tablet using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but also using traditional tools, like pencil and painting.

ANM: Let’s talk about your influences. Is Keith Haring an influence on your work?
FM: Everything that I live influences my work. I have a great photographic memory and all I see stays in my mind waiting to be unearthed during the creative process. Mainly two cultures have influenced my style, Street art and Pop Art even if the abstract expressionism has been the key element in my personal research. I love the work by Keith Haring and Jackson Pollock, but I think they have not influenced my style but simple inspired me!

Take a closer look at Flavio Melchiorre’s latest work below, brought to you exclusively by Art Nouveau Magazine. And read more of this interview in the Fall Issue of Art Nouveau which drops Sept 30 on An-Mag.com.

"Perfect Slang" by Flavio Melchiorre (Digital) from Art Nouveau's Fall Issue

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The-Socials: The September Issue

Mrs. Wintour on speed dial trying to get a glimpse of  reality, can she put Grace on the phone I definitely need some inspiration. Its that time of the season, fall/winter fashion, award shows and releases and Art Nouveau Mag is getting a taste of the September Issue pressure. To be “Young,Broke and Successful” in a realm made up of heavy hitters, our hustle mode is all the way turned up because we are no longer amateurs.

This September, Art Nouveau Magazine will be releasing its second printed issue titled “BOLD“. Art Nouveau is the voice of the new cultural/art movement and the statement being made this time around is just simply “BOLD“. The cool thing about this issue was the fact that I became more hands on, and look I got two covers to prove for it. I am Kendrick Daye’s Grace Coddington, lol.

Special thanks to designers Theary Sim of Youtheary Khmer & Shaka of Shaka King for allowing me to pull some fabulous pieces, for the cover shoot with singer Bilal and accessory designers/socialites Coco and Breezy. If you want to see what’s inside the BOLD issue, you just have to order you a copy when it drops September 30, because I’m not sharing.

“Super Pop!” Closing Reception & Artist Talk This Thursday

This week is the last week to enjoy Super Pop! if you haven’t already seen it. And If you want more Super Pop! join us this Thursday, Aug 12, for the closing reception and artist talk featuring seven of the 15 artists included in the group exhibition. Corinne Stevie, Baracahn, Paper Frank, Nikita Gale, Sean Fahie, Faatimah Stevens and Chris Pop are all scheduled to speak.

Click Here to RSVP on Twitter

Click Here to RSVP on Facebook

Watch The Commercial For “FUNKshion” Now

Aug 20, Art Nouveau, GreatEclectic & The-Socials.com will present the second installment of their Fashion Night Out event series: “FUNKshion.” The event will feature collections by Sojourner E.S. & Rafael Cox, live performances by Jay Scott & Vina Mills, Live art by Corinne Stevie, Sounds by GreatEclectic and hosted by Dane Young of The-Socials.com

Aug 20th 7PM-10PM
Wm Turner Gallery
112 Krog St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30307


Nouveau Music Fame Night At Slice in Atlanta, GA

Last Wednesday, Aug 4, Honey Hustle Entertainment hosted a FAME night at Slice in the Castleberry Hill area of celebrating Art Nouveau’s indie music label Nouveau Music. Nouveau Music artists Ben Carson, Jay Scott & Corinne Stevie performed material from their respective projects.

Resident rock star Ben Carson started the show with a performance of “Isabella” and “Wasted,” tracks from his upcoming EP Melodic Monster. Singer/Songwriter Jay Scott was up next with a performance of his single “Champions.” He then asked singer Nicole Alexandria to join him on his single “U Didn’t Care.” Nouveau Music’s first artist Corinne Stevie closed the show with a high energy performance of “I Feel,” from her upcoming album Amalgam and “Grace Jones” from the Noise Porn compilation album. Take a closer look of photos from that night.

[nggallery id=332]

John Coulter: “Super Pop!”-Satire, Abstract & Praise For Pop

In conjunction with the release of Art Nouveau Magazine’s summer issue, stylish curator Kendrick Daye has gathered artists near and far around the topic of Pop. With Pop art’s origins in the 1950’s young artists today have decades worth of mass media to choose from satire, abstract, and praise through art.

These diverse artists take a fresh look at the world of popular media. Which today provides an infinite onslaught of inspiration to pick apart, most of which is no longer delivered directly to doors, like the newspaper strips Lichtenstein escorted uptown into the realm of painting. Contemporary artists bring concepts from worldly cartoons and online references into their fine arts.

The eclectic Mr. Daye brings together youthful, sophomore illustrator Faatimah Steven’s delicate drawings with veteran Jeffrey Pena’s uniquely bleach pale palette and Dominican American perspectives on pop culture. This circus of chic and pop also hosts collage artist John Morse’s recent work, as well as illustrators Barachan and Paper Frank.

Sometimes pop is better on t-shirts than walls, and others merely make light handed attempts to fanatically copy the commercial. Superstars Corinne and Sasha are two powerful artists that truly make this show shine. Sasha Tugolukova’s photo, magazine collages and detailed drawings are reminiscent of Goya’s etchings. Her psychological creatures, collages, and mix-ups bring humor to modern relationships, and take a complexly critical and dissecting look at how people voyeuristic-ally gaze at media. As fierce with a brush as she is with a mic, energetic Corinne Stevie breathes life into the strong female spirits she paints. Her juicy illustrations always find themselves on the finer side of art.

If your looking for something more than fluffy empty minded eye candy, head over to 112 Krog St this Thursday, for a pop explosion worth seeing. On August 5 at 7pm WM Turner Gallery in Atlanta will host an affordable feast for the eyes, created by a vibrant collection of artists immersed in the world of pop.

Preview “Super Pop!” Before It Opens Thursday

"Janelle Monae" by Corinne Stevie

Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic’s group exhibition Super Pop! opens this Thursday at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta. If you’re as anxious as we are to see the entire exhibition take a look at this preview of the work. All the artists included created work that was their personal interpretation of what Pop is, isn’t and has the potential to be.

A handful of the artists (Corinne Stevie, Barachan, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and more) created eye popping iconography of pop icons, musicians and stars like Lil’ Wayne, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones and more that celebrates the idea of pop. Other artists (Nikita Gale, Sean Fahie, The Super Pop Collective and more) explored the negative effects pop culture can have on humanity with thought provoking sculpture, paintings and more. All work will be on sale at affordable prices during the entire run of the show.

"90 Minutes" by Nikita Gale

Take a closer look at some of the work from “Super Pop!” below. “Super Pop!” opens this Thursday, Aug 5, from 7 -10 PM at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Click here to RSVP on Twitter. See you Thursday! And if you’re not in Atlanta or can’t make it, we’ll be Ustreaming the entire show online. Follow Art Nouveau Magazine for updates.

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“Funkshion” Aug 20th At Wm Turner Gallery

Its the force behind our abilities. The devotion that adheres to our craft. The freedom of our expression. We don’t subdue to societal norms. We redefine them. This is how people like us FUNKshion. On August 20, Art Nouveau Magazine, GreatEclectic & The-Socials.com team with HOP Models and Talent Agency, Fem-FATL, Cocaine Pretti, Elizane Productions, and Peach City Style for the second installment of the Fashion Night Out event series.

FUNKshion will feature a night illuminated by bold prints, loud patterns and vibrant colors courtesy of designers Sojourner E.S. and Rafael Cox. These two fresh faces have a design aesthetic that’s a stitch above the rest. Drawing inspiration from fashion houses like Betsy Johnson and Yves Saint Laurent, both Sojourner and Rafael’s collections are the perfect merger of sophistication and funk.

feat collections by Sojourner E.S. & Rafael Cox
sounds by GreatEclectic
live performances by Jay Scott

Aug 20, 2010
7 – 10 pm

WM Turner Gallery
112 Krog ST NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

For more information and or media coverage please contact Dane Young.

Vote For Art Nouveau In Creative Loafing’s Best Of

It’s that time again. Everybody’s favorite Atlanta based weekly Creative Loafing is working on it’s Best of Atlanta 2010 issue. Last year Art Nouveau & GreatEclectic presented art show Extraordinary Machine at Wm Turner Gallery won best art exhibit in a gallery. Show support for Art Nouveau, GreatEclectic, Corinne Stevie, The-Socials.com, Ben Carson & Jay Scott and vote for us here.

Local Blog/Blogger: Dane Young

New trend in the arts: Art Nouveau

Emerging visual artist: Kendrick Daye or Corinne Stevie

Advocate for the arts: Art Nouveau

Art Party: Drip at Studio 1-5-0

Indie Crafter: Corinne Stevie

Photographer: Kendrick Daye

Local Arts Blog: An-Mag.com

Local new music act: Ben Carson or Jay Scott

Local overall music act: Corinne Stevie

Local rock act: Ben Carson

Local hip-hop act: Corinne Stevie

Local r&b soul act: Jay Scott

Georgia-based music blog: Ben-Rocks.com

Atlanta concert of the past year: Noise Porn at Studio 1-5-0

Watch The “Super Pop!” Art Show Commercial

It’s getting closer and closer to the opening reception for Art Nouveau and GreatEclectic’s group show Super Pop!. The closer to August 5th, we’ll be revealing more and more glimpses of what’s in store for viewers. Take a look at this commercial which profiles most of the artists involved and shows small previews of some of the work included in the show.

Super Pop! will open with a reception August 5th from 7 pm-10 pm. All art work will be on sale in addition to copies of Art Nouveau’s eponymous Summer issue. Super Pop! runs until August 12th. Click here to RSVP for the event.

The-Socials.com: The House That Art Built

Keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m Sensitive about my shit. Home is where your heart is so I welcome you to a place that pulsates with creativity, beats with the sound of tomorrow, and carry the love for artistic expressions. The Art Nouveau headquarters. Wait to you get a load of this, well my mouth is closed, can’t tell you much but August will reveal what these four walls have been keeping in.

“Super Pop!” Group Exhibition Opens Aug 5

Art Nouveau Magazine, GreatEclectic & Wm Turner Gallery are proud to present Super Pop!–a pop-art inspired group exhibition featuring works by Kendrick Daye, Corinne Stevie, John Morse, Jeffrey Pena, Sasha Tugolukova, Barachan, Nikita Gale, Paper Frank, Mister Collins, Chris Pop, Faatimah Stevens, Sean Fahie, Craig Flux Singleton & The Super Pop Collective.

Super Pop! was curated by Art Nouveau editor Kendrick Daye. Dedicated to creating a visual experience that is as much a personal homage to the pop art genre as it is a stark critique, Kendrick hand selected these 15 artists from around the world to take part in this special exhibition celebrating the release of Art Nouveau’s eponymous Summer Issue which features pop art legend Ron English’s work on the cover. What has been assembled is a cohesive and diverse collection of art, from some of today’s most daring artists.

Super Pop! will open with a reception August 5th from 7 pm-10 pm. All art work will be on sale in addition to copies of Art Nouveau’s eponymous Summer issue. Super Pop! runs until August 12th.

Get Art Nouveau’s Summer Issue For 25% Off

Get your copy of Art Nouveau’s Summer Issue for 25%! Enter the code: DADGRAD at checkout to receive discount. Issue one features Ron English on the cover. Also in this seasons’ Art Nouveau Magazine former Terry Richardson assistant Keicchi Nitta talks iconography, Fahamu Pecou, Sarah Weaver and Mr. Brainwash are Neo-Pop saviors, J*DaVeY is ready for the world and eye popping fashion editorials featuring clothing by Mishka NYC, Gold Coast Trading Company, Pepper + Pistol, Stevie Boi Shades, Fresh Printz, Chilly O and more.

Click here to purchase Art Nouveau’s Summer Issue “Super Pop.”

Corinne Stevie: The GreatEclectic Kendrick Daye

I wanted to take some time out today to write a very special thank you letter to a dear friend of mine, his name is Kendrick “Great Eclectic” Daye. I’m so grateful to know such a creative, honest, hard working, awesome, handsome, supportive, loving person.

Kendrick you are my best friend, my creative partner in crime and a visionary who has the strength, power, and ambition to do whatever you want. Thank you for believing in me, yourself and everyone else in the circle. Thank you for all your help and advice. Thank you for being a great listener. I love you my friend and keep up the amazing work!

Five Upcoming Art Shows We Can’t Wait To See

As artists, we live for art shows. Jeff Soto, Audrey Kawasaki, and our own shows “Super Pop!” & “Extraordinary Machine 2” have us excited about art! Here are five upcoming art shows we can’t wait to see.

1. Jeff Soto’s Life Cycles at Jonathan Levine Gallery
Everyone in the art world is talking about Jeff Soto’s upcoming solo show Life Cycles at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City. The show is his first since 2007. It should be interesting to see how his work has progressed. The show opens this Saturday, June 26.

2. Super Pop! at WM Turner Gallery
Art Nouveau Magazine & Wm Turner Gallery are proud to present “Super Pop!” a pop-art inspired group exhibition featuring work by Kendrick Daye, Corinne Stevie, John Morse, Jeffrey Pena, Sasha Tugolukova, Barachan, Nakita Gale, Mister Collins, Sean Fahie, Fataamah Stevens & The Super Pop Collective. The exhibition opens Aug 5 and runs through Aug 12.

3. ZPFfffft!!! at L.A. Gallery
Opening June 19, Scion’s Installation L.A. Gallery presents “ZPFfffft!!!,” a group exhibition that features classic and new works by Gary Panter, Bob Zoell and Devin Flynn.

4. Extraordinary Machine 2 at Wm Turner Gallery
Art Nouveau Magazine & Wm Turner Gallery are proud to present “Super Pop!” a pop-art inspired group exhibition featuring work by Kendrick Daye, Corinne Stevie,

5. Audrey Kawsaki’s solo show at Outre Gallery
Not much is known about this upcoming show, which opens this November. But knowing anything about Audrey, you know it’s going to be amazing.

Art Nouveau & GreatEclectic Present “Art Stars” at Wonderroot in Atlanta, GA

On Friday, June 18, Art Nouveau Magazine and GreatEclectic presented “Art Stars” a show at WonderRoot which featured explosive performances by Jay Scott, Ben Carson, Richelle L. Brown, Land of the Free & Corinne Stevie. Nouveau Music’s newest artist Jay Scott started off the show with a short but sweet performance of his singles “Champions” and “Get 2 U” off his debut release Fear of Love. Fellow Nouveau Music artist Corinne Stevie spit a verse on the intro to “Champions.”

After Jay, Ben Carson brought down the house with a melody of songs off his EP Melodic Monster. He started with the “Melodic Monster (Intro)” and then tore into “Temptation” “Wasted” and two new songs “Isabella” and “Breaking Me Down.” Richelle L. Brown followed Ben with crowd shaking performances of “Super Funky Sounds,” “Swagga Black” and my favorite “Do Me Like That.”

The show closer featured performances by Corinne Stevie and Ka’Ra Kersey debuting music from
their collaborative EP Land of the Free. Corinne and Ka’Ra showed the crowd how good being free felt with amazing live renditions of “Our War 2 Freedom,” “Turn Off,” “Ne More,” and “Amazing” which featured a live flute solo by Taryn Crenshaw. By the end of the night everyone was feeling Amazing. Corinne then performed a new song from her upcoming album Amalgam called “I Feel.” And then had the entire crowd mouthing her lyrics to “Battleships” & “Grace Jones.”

It felt like Corinne’s night. Especially since her 23rd birthday was in 30 minutes. Host Guy Anthony presented Corinne with a birthday cake, sans candles of course and Jay Scott sung a sweet Happy Birthday to the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Underground,” a title she more than deserves. Watch the entire show below.

[nggallery id=272]

GreatEclectic: I’m Like The Sky, I’m Never Coming Down

I have so much to show you, so much to tell you. I have a lot of great events and projects planned for this Summer for the Art Nouveau brand. Make sure to save these dates and celebrate art with us!


June 16
Corinne Stevie feat Ka’Ra Kersey Live at ER Lounge
Doors Open 10 PM

June 18
“Art Stars” at WonderRoot
feat performances by Corinne Stevie feat Ka’Ra Kersey, Ben Carson, Richelle L. Brown & Jay Scott
Hosted by Guy Anthony
Doors open 9 PM | Show Starts 9:30 PM


July 20
Jay Scott “Fear of Love” Album Release Party at Moods Music
7PM – 9:30 PM

July 26

Ben Carson’s “Melodic Monster” Release Party at Moods Music
7PM – 9:30 PM


August 4
Fame Night at SLICE
featuring performances by Corinne Stevie, Ben Carson & Jay Scott
9PM – Until

August 5
“Super Pop” at WM Turner Gallery
A pop art inspired group exhibition featuring work by Kendrick Daye, Corinne Stevie, John Morse, Craig Flux Singleton, Nikita Gale, Sasha Tugskloso, Sean Fahie, Branden M. Collins, Camron Wiltshire, & Eric Jordan.
7 PM – 10 PM

August 20
“Sneaks & Beats” at WM Turner Gallery

An-Mag.com & The-Socials.com present new lines by Chilly O and Fresh Printz.

7 PM – 10 PM
feat a live performance by Jay Scott feat Corinne Stevie.
Sounds by GreatEclectic

August 26
“Extraordinary Machine” at WM Turner Gallery

Kendrick Daye & Corinne Stevie are at it again in the second installement of their 2009 art show voted Best of Art Show in Creative Loafing.

7 PM – 10 PM
feat live performances by Ben Carson, Corinne Stevie, Jay Scott, Sye Spence & Guy Anthony.
Sounds by GreatEclectic

August 28
Ben Carson Live at Masquerade