Lights In Action, Mystical Aura and Absolute Power

Michael Viviani – “Exotic French Fantaisi”

We are not narcissistic, we are individuals with the ability to change things, situations, our own lives (and those of others). We are not gods, but could be if we tried. Everyone has a superpower to use, it is in our hands.

– Haervaerk

With Deus-Dei (Super-Ego) the work is intended to bring the concept of “power” leading to personal grounds, to political-religious struggles or social and cultural aspects. To create chaos and submit to the bare survival. This diverse group of artists curated by Adonay Bermudez are survivors of a society full with superpowers, supergods and superegos.

Bright aura of the powerful people or those who think they are. Blinding lights that present reality, the differences between individuals (who are separated from the masses). Brightness of the altars, of the coins, crowns and scepters. Shining eyes and hopeful souls who trust on the changes. Shiny dark we all know and not so bright freedom we all want to meet.


Michael Viviani – “Capone”

The superegos are the parts that represent the moral and ethical thoughts received by the culture, for our environment. It’s the love-hate this generation feels toward society (parent, finally after all). Complicated sense of belonging to a group and the need of individuality, to lead the group. Through painting, photography, installation, graffiti, sculpture, drawing and video art intended to show a small amount of power collected from different angles and the greatest number of possibilities, the exhibition uses humor and irony as a vehicle to get to the viewer, being direct and clear. 13 artists from five countries including Bart Jansen, Dido Fontana, Gonny Van Hulst, Hervaerk, Jorge De La Cruz Mari a Canas, Michael Viviani, Mr Trazo O Scar Mari N Repoller, Ro Ro and Sergio Ojeda.

“Deus-Dei (Super-Ego)” opens June 22 at Castillo 43 in Spain and runs through the 21st of July. Click here for more information.

– Eugenio Merino