Art and Aesthetic Aces: Stephen Cefalo’s allegorical stew of personal narratives

Stephen Cefalo was born in the hometown of Albrecht Dürer on the birthday of Winslow Homer, Charles Le Brun, and Franz Von Stuck, so he already had his work cut out for him. Admittedly, Stephen had trouble in school, but found comfort in drawing and was enchanted by the lonesome moans of the barges at night.

 During his undergraduate studies at the former Savannah Campus of the School of Visual Arts found mentors in Jeff Markowsky and Anthony Palliser.  When SVA Savannah closed its doors in 1997, he was already married with his first child, and moved to the main campus in New York.  There he studied with one of his heroes, Steven Assael, and Max Ginsburg. He continued to study privately with Assael while working in Soho as an assistant painter for Jeff Koons and later in Time Square as an in-house illustrator at Nickelodeon. It was Sept 11., that caused him to flee New York, for his home state of Indiana, where he completed graduate studies in Painting in 2004 at Indiana University in Bloomington.



  • Stephen

    Hi Kendrick,
    Honored to be covered here! I’ve got to tell you that the reclined nude in pastel is not by me but my friend Emil Robinson. Really cool surprise to find my work on this blog, thanks!