Spectacular Carnage

Our generation’s world war is via media, we sacrifice our daily realities for projected purpose and prominence… eye-deep in student loan debt, creating daily content free of charge to the nation’s most profitable private enterprises, data for days, the only lines shorter than the unemployment call sheet – for the good of the country, for the sake of free enterprise, for the economy, for the shareholders and foreign investors: for free WW.3 #spectacularcarnage. This manifesto is the spirit of Leeland Wright‘s work.


“Media Heads”
as told by Leeland Wright

…I want to be apart of the white world. I want to be apart of the mainstream. I’m tired of working the cotton fields of otherness, I wanna finally sit in their house comfortably. I don’t care, I’ll serve the master his cigars, and the mistress her tea. But as long as I’m closer to their level. Man, their grass seems so much greener on the other side of that screen. Yes. That screen. My tv. If it wasn’t for this tv, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Brainwashed, Manipulated, Insecure. I’m an object that belongs to the media. That has been created by the media, & controlled by the media. The mainstream media. It objectifies us, & slowly transforms us from humans to machines. Sort of like a modern day slave. We become the product that they sell to us everyday. My freedom unfortunately, is not to escape this control through mainstream media, but rather to be on a level of acceptance and approval through the media. But, is that really freedom?