Chester French and Kevin Michael cover our #SKIN issue


“There is no greater mystery than the skin of a poet’s dream in 35 mm” – Andy Warhol


Skin… is a many layered thing; it is artistic, it is cultural, it is biological, it rests on the fragile fringe of one’s inner and outer space… not to be melodramatic, but we consider it an overlooked focus – an abstract opus – of cultural connective tissue.

So, for Art Nouveau’s Skin issue, we chose a duo who connected all of those elements in a most masterful manner: Chester French – black tears, faced fears, a pair so open-minded about the lovable future that their well-endowed brains have descended upon every listener’s ears.


Chester French – black tears, faced fears, a pair so open-minded about the lovable future

We had a chat with Max and D.A. to get an inside look at how they view those elements that make the epidermis so oddly endearing. When we come into this world, our skin is supple and soft, that unhindered remnant of divine design. For artists like Chester French, the first album is of that same fresh design. The label signs you because of that new-new you bring to this world. Musicians wear that skin like a manifestation of the self. Unlike the child though, an artist can craft their own primary skin; now more than ever though, it is getting harder to make that sonic aesthetic a signature different than all others. – interview by Swiper Bootz and cover art by TONE



Getting Honest & Clean with Kevin Michael

Unbeknownst to Kevin Michael, he was under a tremendous amount of pressure. I didn’t just want him to give me clean and honest answers to my questions, but I wanted him to inspire me to write the most honest thing I have ever written. So, naturally, I wanted to delve into the darkest part of anyone’s lifetime; their childhood. “I didn’t grow up in a household with many rules. My father was kind of a ghetto celebrity. As a kid you don’t know any better.” Little Kevin Michael was being snuck into bars and hidden behind speakers that towered over him that left him born into not just rock ‘n roll, but the lifestyle accompanied with it thanks to his father who is a musician. He was never totally drowned into the deviant lifestyle Drew Barrymore-style, but it did leave him longing for something peculiar, especially upon artistic types. – interview by Myles Johnson and cover shot by  R. Carter for R. Carter Photography.

Elsewhere in the issue we chat with Jack Davey about Motherhood, new aesthetics and new outlooks, Amon Tobin marches to the Post-Dubstep beat of his own drum and Indigo Charlie shows us her true skin. On the visual side we feature artists Zofia Bogusz, Pete Kirill, Rodrigo Luxon, Davide Luciano and TONE and feature fashion editorials by Olivier Valsecchi, Que Duong and Francis Urrutia.

 #WatchThisSpace Art Nouveau’s 9th issue SKIN drops next Monday, Nov 26, 2012. Click here to subscribe.