SBTRKT & The Modern Mindset

SBTRKT’s debut album has been called dub, dubstep, chillwave, trillwave, dance, pop, folk and everything under the sun by critics and fans alike. I don’t blame them though. Putting a label on something this new is how we relate to things these days. But, if the album is indication of anything, genre is dead, and SBTRKT’s indescribable production is the nail in the coffin.

Mister laser-beam
I think we have a little chemistry between
It’s a crazy scene
It’s gotcha gotcha doing back flips for me

– Roisin Murphy – Modern Timing


One track in, the album pulls off a series of impressive feats. In spite of the new territory that SBTRKT embarks on sonically, it’s influences deeply rooted in the now, easily sound mainstream enough to crossover. Everything here is filled with enough semiotics to feel sophisticated enough for intense interpretation but the sound is still light enough to fill a dance floor. This is one of those rare cases where the mainstream meet the indie. Never is this more apparent than on the collaborations with Sampha such as “Hold On” and the blossomy “Something Goes Right.”

It’s no surprise that SBTRKT’s music has found a comfortable niche in this almost mainstream limbo. Drake was the first to jump on the SBTRKT bandwagon. Even remixing first single “Wildfire” and performing it onstage during a recent stop in Toronto. Word is SBTRKT will be contributing to the new Radiohead remix album. And if Radiohead isn’t a good buffer for where we can expect to hear and see SBTRKT’s music travel, I don’t know who is.


Watch This Space.