A Rosier View for the End of the World

The Apocalypse Approaches.

Later this month according to eschatological belief the world is to come to an end. Exactly how this comes to pass is subject to conjecture however, meteorites, earthquakes or a combination of environmental and mythological phenomena’s appear to be the main predictions. What is interesting is that a number of cultures from around the world have entertained the prediction of an end of days, an apocalypse. Moreover the end of world has entered popular thought and discussion not in a factual way but rather with a peculiar sense of anticipation. The following mixed media work by Melbourne based artist Lucas Grogan explores this apocalypse theme with a traditional aesthetic.
We are creatures who enjoy to speculate about our own demise. The idea of a predestined, preordained dooms-day or “use-by date” for the world is ridiculous, however the consistency of its inclusion in numerous faiths and cultures does strike me as fascinating. An in-built conclusion to the long history of human existence that reflects our own mortality.
Lucas’ “The End of the World” runs through Dec 22 at Jan Manton Art. A day after the world is supposed to end, Dec 21. See you at the end of the world.