Poptimism: “Where Did We Go Wrong?” by Jeremy Fish

For the first entry in our new Poptimism series, Artist, Illustrator and Issue #5 cover artist Jeremy Fish tells a story about his current situation to his five-years-ago self. 

Dear self, at what point did we go west and ruin everything? Five years ago life was so good, I entered into one of the most amazing relationships of my young adult life, my career was on the right track, everyone thought my artwork was pretty neat, somewhere in there I must have really screwed up, because at the moment I don’t sleep much, I don’t eat well, I seem to do nothing but work and I don’t find myself any further in this game than I was five years ago, all that being said, I’ve gotten to see more of the world, I’ve met a lot more people, I’ve produced somewhere in the neighborhood in 200 works per year since then and i’m not giving up anytime soon… But it would be cool if my future self would do like an Ebenezier Scrooge, ghost of artwork future visit and explain that everything is going to be okay. Because the ghost of artwork present is talking to the ghost of artwork past and all I had to say was, ‘where did we go wrong?’

I’m mostly being sarcastic, things are still going really well, however i think as a result of the amount of work i put into what I’m doing, my personal life may be suffering, if i were to talk to me at five years ago I’d probably remind myself to be a bit more of a human being and a bit less of a robot, cause if you don’t have a life to provide you with the inspiration for all this shit, there isn’t much content¬† to what you’re doing if you just sit home and draw pictures all day like a fucking wild animal, i need to have bit more of alive and i think i had that three years ago.

– Jeremy Fish


Want more? You can read our feature story with Jeremy Fish in Issue 5 of Art Nouveau, the “New Art, New Money” issue. Click here to purchase a copy via Magcloud.