Because We’ve All Got Scars: Popskarr On Cape Town Sounds, Misty Pop And Questionable Craig David Comparisons

Because music is the best medicine, and we’ve all got scars, we chat with Cape Town based duo Popskarr.


Popskarr is an Electronic/Nu-Disco/Chill Wave/ Misty pop, call it what you want band from Cape town South Africa. Formed in early 2009 and consisting of Yannick Ilunga (the vocals and guitar) and Terrence Pearce (the beats), the duo recalls the best of the Pet Shop Boys.

The dynamic between duos and groups always fascinates me. The two met after Yannick went to a show that Terrence was DJing at and introduced himself after the show. After a while Yannick met Spoek Mathambo (Sweat X/Playdoe) whom ironically suggested that he meet with Terrence. Yannick could sing and play guitar whilst Terrence could produce the tracks, alas, Popskarr was born…  “The first time we worked together it was like magic,” Yannick says. “I guess it was, we had the same musical outlook on things, we both wanted more than there was at the time, we both had ideas and we needed to make them happen,” Terrence explained.





On The Music Scene In Cape Town:

“Its pretty good and diverse, still very influenced by Europe and the US but I think people are starting to create their own sounds slowly but surely…”
– Terrence
“The Cape Town scene is very creative but small. The industry in SA is very small. I don’t think that we would be making the music that we are if it wasn’t for CPT even thought there aren’t any bands that have tried going out direction.. SA and its history and the people are more of influences on our music.”
– Yannick


On The Misty Pop Label and Questionable Craig David comparisons:

” Misty Pop is just really a made up word, its basically Pop music without being clearly Pop, its Pop with underground ideals, quite pretentious but that how we see it.”
“Misty Pop is the way that we describe our music.  I personally don’t care what people call us. We’ve been told that we sound like Craig David.. [laughter] I don’t know where that dude got that from.”
– Yannick

On Yannick’s  side project Petite Noir:

Petite Noir is a solo project which i started last year. It’s a Noirwave project. NoirWave is a term/genre I made up to describe the kind of music that Petite Noir is. It is basically New Wave with an African Aesthetic.. I’m on all the production and stuff. Releasing an EP soon called “‘Till  We Ghosts.”
– Yannick

On creating a super-trio with frequent collaborator Spoek Mathambo:

“Ha! That would be cool but probably not, Spoek is really got a good thing going with his own unique sound and we’d like to do the same.”
– Terrence
“…Nah we havn’t hey.. I think that we are all too busy with our own projects to be doing that. But some sort of joint collaboration EP would be pretty amazing one day..”
– Yannick


On their personal musical missions:

“There’s no way of answering this question without sounding like an asshole, but I suppose it would be that our music still sounds good 10 years on and not dated or cheesy, that would be great.”
– Terrence
“…[To Be] Game Changers. Lives must be changed.”
– Yannick