Olek’s Story of Life, Love, Trust and Lust in Modern Times

Olek‘s first solo exhibition in the UK, opens this Thursday, January 26 at Tony’s Gallery in London. Entitled I do not expect to be a mother, but I do expect to die alone, the show runs through March 23, and features a bevy of her signature crocheted mixed media sculptural environments which according to the artist, “tell a story that’s a reflection of life, love trust and lust in our trying modern times.”

“It is not just another apartment installation,” Olek explains. “It is the progression of my life as a woman, as a female artist put together through text messages, emails and personal objects and experiences… blood, sweat and tears and cum camouflaged with the sparkle of my colourful cheeky humour, as we all do when carrying on with our lives.” Take a closer look at a London street car she crocheted in addition to a piece that will show at the gallery below.


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