“I had to take it back, back to the motherland,” Issue #8: “Nu Africa” available now

“I had to take it back, back to the motherland, when I was a baby girl and I held my mother’s hand” – Corinne Stevie from “Nu Africa”

I had to take it back, back to the motherland. Dances in Damascus, Pyramids on the French Rivera, and it feels like a Nu Land. This issue we present a place where the old and new meet continuously to push NU ideas and the creative spirit while never forgetting where we’ve been. Like the Sankofa, there is no moving forward, without looking back.

As a continent that has endured some of the highest levels of human atrocity, misfortune and pillaging in the world, Africa’s nations are in the very least united by their immense struggles. However, if you need any evidence that Africa’s peoples do not see themselves as victims, just look at their art, music and popular culture. Regardless of the traditions of a given region, there is almost always a fighting spirit that shines through. NU AFRICA symbolizes the desire to move forward from the horrors of eras past and embrace the elements that make it what is today; traditional, colonial and modern.

Nu Africa, Art Nouveau’s 8th Issue, features a hand selected group of artists, designers and musicians that adhere to this aesthetic ideal. Our cover story “As Real As It Gets” finds Georgia Anne Muldrow as imagined by artist Donald Ely talking openly about solidarity and new aesthetics.



Also featuring: PopSkarr, Gold Coast Trading Company, Kutloano Molokomme, Fool’s Gold, JP Hanekom, DVA, Jonti, Spoek Mathambo, NAIRA, Adrienne Price and more. Get your copy of Issue #8: Nu Africa right now.