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Notre Chauvet Fuse Renaissance and Pop Art

There’s nothing new under the sun. That statement rings true, especially in creative endeavors. In my opinion, the best work is that which combines unique things from the past to create an uncanny, new thing. That’s why I love the work of Notre Chauvet.

These Melbourne based artists focus on combining a renaissance / pop art fusion with a contemporary discourse. Painted in mix of oils, aerosol and gold leaf, The brothers’ works are completed under the pseudo name, Notre Chauvet, which in itself has a profound meaning. The duo has a long family background in the arts, and as individuals, have been very successful in the traditional impressionist field across North America and Australia.

However, the pair has only just started releasing their combined work to the public for just three months, and the response Notre Chauvet received has been positively overwhelming. Notre Chauvet has been described as the combined love child and mixture of great artists, the technicalities of Caravaggio, discourse of Ron English and Pop art influence of Erro.

The duo sees themselves “as commentary to what is happening around us… [It’s] all about breaking the mold and making a statement in art, our traditional art background enables us use any technique possible to best convey this.” Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from Notre Chauvet below.

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