SnappScenes: As Jay-Z and Kanye vanish into the strobed abyss, the Throne raises its crown

Most of us are familiar with the Jay-Z & Kanye West “Throne” takeover, which in itself practically attained an all-inclusive zenith of hip-hop history. For Jay and ‘Ye purists like myself, there’s no question as to whether or not “N*ggas in Paris” was the main attraction of both the Watch the Throne album and tour. The entirety of the song – the concept, the hype, the in-your-face bombastic beat – epitomized the Throne in its grandiose of imperial hypnotism.

So, when the “N*ggas in Paris” video debuted, I couldn’t say the initial epilepsy warning was at all shocking. In fact, I’d be surprised if it opened otherwise. The video, directed by the protege himself (yes, that’d be Mr. West), is Richard Prior for the black man, Alexander McQueen for the glitterati, contentious bait for the conspiracy theorist, and convulsions for the epileptic. All in all, the video served its purpose with flawless execution, so much so that the Throne nearly overthrew itself. The kaleidoscopic capsule in which they occupy bears a transparent depiction of the two icons in their zone, swallowed within flashing lights and buried beneath epochal worlds toppling upon the grounds. We witness these two worshiped characters, as collaborative partners and individual artists, possessed by the animalistic wrath that accompanies fame and creative genius.

As Jay-Z and Kanye vanish into the strobed abyss, the Throne raises its crown; for, it is not yet ready to rest. To the world, whatever may follow pends a vacancy, cloaked. Havoc has reached Paris and the masterminds behind the madness have only just begun.

The dynasty continues…