Nikita Gale’s “BOOLESH1T” Opens At Mint Gallery

This past Saturday, Nov 6, Atlanta based artist Nikita Gale opened her debut solo exhibition BOOLESH1T at Mint Gallery in Atlanta. Sometimes shocking and always precise and thought provoking, BOOLESH1T is a fitting swan song for the gallery which will move to a new location after Nikita’s show closes later this month.

For me, the shows highlights were the 3D and the “Ad Tension” series. For the latter, the artist juxtaposed shocking 4×6 images on advertising from the 70’s. There you have an image of an atom bottom going off on an ad for The Blotch Remover. Awesome stuff. If you didn’t understand what Nikita was saying you got it then. Later in the night, singer/songwriter Bosco performed a sweet but short set of new material that reminds me of a neat mixture of Scanners and Johnny Cash.

BOOLESH1T was an invested exploration of the evolution of the relationship between humanity and technology. We are our technology these days and as Nikita points out that’s a problem. While Bosco performed I couldn’t help but notice the lights from the iPhones and Blackberries and the faces plunged downward engulfed in Twittering, Texting, Facebooking and God only knows what else. Guess we’ll never learn.

Nikita Gale’s BOOLESH1T is on view until Nov 27 at The Mint Gallery. Click Here to view more photos from the opening.