"THE BOOLESH1T MANIFESTO (III)," 2010 by Nikita Gale

Nikita Gale Explores Ads & Blood In New Work

On Left: 3D anaglyph, 2010 by Nikita Gale l On Right: Preview of an image from "Ad Tension" by Nikita Gale

Nikita Gale is not about that bullshit. The Yale graduate plans to unveil her new series of work in a solo show entitled BOOLESH1T next month at the Mint Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Nikita has slowly been releasing images and sneak peeks at works both in progress and finished that are set to be featured in the show.

There are images of friends with parts of their face replaced with images of the insides of computers. There are commentaries on advertising and it’s effect on American society. In “THE BOOLESH1T MANIFESTO (III)” she experiments with text and actual human blood. My favorite image so far is a 3D anaglyph of a fetus in the womb with iPhone headphones. Nikita has something to say about our society. Whether you agree or disagree this show is worth a glance or two. Take a closer look at some of the images from BOOLESH1T below. BOOLESH1T opens Nov 6, at Mint Gallery in Atlanta. The opening features a performance by Atlanta based singer/songwriter BOSCO.

"THE BOOLESH1T MANIFESTO (III)," 2010 by Nikita Gale

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