Jonquil: From Oxford to Atlanta and the Music in Between

“Recorded an album in our bedrooms // released an album // played a few shows // recorded another album in a deserted house // toured all over europe // built a studio // built another studio // went to america // recorded an album in a proper studio”  

And here lain the story of Jonquil… ‘Twas the simplest story ever told. But ah, don’t let the farce fool you, for its humble narrators told not the tale between the lines; the one by which the multifarious foursome trekked from their native Oxford, England to the streets, studios, and stages of the good ole’ US of A.

With the release of their latest album, Point of Go, the Jonquil camaraderie need speak no further. Hugo Manuel (Keys Vox), Sam Scott  (Trumpets Basses), Robin McDiarmid (Guitars), and Dominic Hand (Drums) revolutionized their sound that once was, as the formerly six piece band subtracted two members. Compensating for the loss, Jonquil redefines themselves in grasping a conglomerate niche in style on Point of Go, which finds itself somewhere in between those of Vampire Weekend and Fool’s Gold…The music takes over and you feel welcomed by the vibrant instrumentation, a universally resonant sound in which you revisit the happiest days of your teen-hood or a distant island of only the sunniest disposition.

As if UK – Calypso pop wasn’t good enough, I discovered these temporary sojourners were making their way to my Atlanta stomping grounds. As most Americans do upon hearing a British accent (or maybe just Atlantans?), I welcomed the chaps with open arms and found myself before the dim lit stage that was awaiting their arrival. Making their way to the stage- synths, guitars, drums, mics, beers, and all – the men with music were soon to follow. Hugo made himself comfortable, or so his shoeless attire suggested, while the others geared up their instrumental playground. And so the show began! Jonquil failed me not of my anticipations and furnished my ears with that pure sensation so rare. Alike stood the audience, and we together inhabited that personal utopia; I, on my island.

When landing upon that peculiar note, the story of Jonquil can there be heard. What was once six became four anew. From Oxford to Atlanta and the journey in between, ‘twas simply the music and the men.