I Am Pretty Sure Jack White Is The Best

It’s hard to fathom that Blunderbuss is the prolific Jack White’s solo debut. Sonically, it’s not far off from his day job; catchy Blues/Garage Rock, though most songs fall in the mellow bracket. Opening cut “Missing Pieces” (with a squealing guitar solo, nice piano riff and the line “I was in the shower so I could not tell my nose was bleeding”) is a fine example of oddball Rock.

“Sixteen Saltines” is a raucous rocker, followed by a slew of more laid back songs; the stealth-like “Freedom At 21,” the acoustic Americana “Love Interruption,” the beautiful lush ballad “Blunderbuss,” “Hypocritical Kiss,” and “Weep Themselves To Sleep.” Upping the tempo is the gritty Blues Rocker “I’m Shakin'” before going more mellow on “Trash Tongue Talker”. Closing are “On And On And On” (with chiming cascading keys), and the waltzing Hymn-like “Take Me With You When You Go.” No blunder here, but a winner!