Ghetto Frida by El Rio

El Rio Presents an Interview With Ghetto Frida.


Recognized as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, Frida Kahlo has gone through a transformation recently. Now known as Ghetto Frida, she digs in the scene with a gangsta lean. El Rio caught up with Ghetto Frida to get the scoop.

El Rio: What’s up Ghetto Frida? The most important question to start with is, why go Ghetto?

Ghetto Frida: The art game is ruthless. Now I know I have fame off my artwork and that movie with Salma Hayek but now there’s so many artists creeping up on the scene, public funding is being cut, and galleries are going broke. I needed to do something to distinguish myself. Now I’m Ghetto Frida and I run this art shit. You roll thick, I roll thicker.

El Rio: How do you feel about being a style icon?

Ghetto Frida: Honestly, it’s burned me out. Too many people are trying to be me. Let’s take Lila Downs. I mean, I like homegirl’s music and all but I should get a royalty check every time she goes out in public. So I decided to switch my style up. Some people tried to convince me to go 80’s with my look but I decided to break ground and get down with the 1990’s. I’ve been buying up CrossXColors on EBay lately. Remember CrossXColors? Now that’s a throwback!

El Rio: Hella throwback. So are you gonna be rockin’ yellow and purple jeans?

Ghetto Frida: Well I just got an orange and green denim jacket; the pants come next. I’ve always been ahead of the times and my style will have a huge impact. Time to break out your Blue Blockers.

El Rio: So what’s new with your artwork?

Ghetto Frida: Man, everything. After seeing so many damn silkscreen portraits of myself over the years I figured I better get in on this hustle. I just produced a limited run of prints that are self-portraits of me showing off my new diamond fronts.

I’ll tell you, it’s hard to change your art style up in this mug. Shorties that used to be down with me are turning their backs on Ghetto Frida. You get to see that some of these fools are real Frida fans, but a lot is some busters.

El Rio: Is it true you beat up Salomon Huerta?

Ghetto Frida: Now I wanna say I love Chicano artists, they’re cool and they know how to party, but Salomon runs his mouth too much so Ghetto Frida had to serve him up.

The story goes like this: Tina Modotti and I were doing whippits in front of the Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. Salomon and his asskissing friends show up and I’m all like “Salomon, hit this can for a moment” and he just walked past me without even looking my way. Like I was a piece of trash or something. Right then I knew Ghetto Frida had to put him in check.

El Rio: Is that when shit broke off?

Ghetto Frida: Yeah, I ran up behind Salomon and kicked him in the back of the head like I was Shinobi. As soon as he hit the floor his little pack of friends stepped to me and Tina and it was on and cracking. Tina was fighting off his boys and I was standing over Salomon giving him shots to the back of the neck while he was curled up on the floor. He’s lucky I was high or I would have really fucked him up.

El Rio: What’s next for Ghetto Frida?

Ghetto Frida: Well I’m going back to Mexico to do some campaigning for the EZLN. Marcos is my boy; we used to get five on it when he was still coming up. I’m burnin’ hella CDs off of my iTunes for the indigenous population in Chiapas. I’m gonna make sure each one of them Indios knows the lyrics to “Gin and Juice.”

El Rio: One last question, why did you stick around Diego after he dogged you so many times?

Ghetto Frida: Look, Ghetto Frida knows Diego slept around. You know I’ve had to punch my man in the balls for that slick shit. But he’s not the only one down with O.P.P.

Say what? Are you down with O.P.P.?

Yeah, you know me.



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