The Phenomenal Handclap Band is a collective of seriously creative musicians based in NYC. Their sound is a melange of Funk, Psychedelia, and Sunshine Pop. Think of Isaac Hayes hanging out at Stereolab’s joint with Jimi Hendrix and the ABBA ladies sitting in. The band have done a bit of touring with Bryan Ferry and if you like the adventurous spirit of his and Roxy Music’s music you will understand the eclectic aesthetic that the Phenom’s work from.

Every track on their latest album Form & Control is special but here are three to check out to get a taste of where it’s at. “The Right One” is a great mix of space age harmonies and serious groove, ripe for multiple remixes. “Father James Park” is a flash back to 1968. Search out the great video for this track on YouTube. “Winterfalls” is a heavy groover mixed with nice bluesy guitar licks and synthesizer swells, building to a sweet crescendo. All and all, a great record.