Idyllic America 1

Doug Sandelin’s “Idyllic America” In His Own Words

Painter Doug Sandelin‘s new series called “Idyllic America” is a spin on Norman Rockwell’s “Saturday Evening Post.” “Being raised in somewhat strict home I was taught the roles of a man, woman and child,” Doug explains. “The man of the house was a provider and the woman and children were in submission to the father! When I left that controlling way of life I soon started looking at others with a new appreciation for the choices one has the courage to make and the diversity of humanity that I could see without judgement.”

Having very little school and college not being an option Doug felt trapped. Until his love for painting the human portrait blossomed. “Not knowing for years I was dyslectic I developed other skills and always wanted to paint portraits,” the artist explains. “Humans are to me the ultimate work of art from the universe! Now I have learned to surrender to my intuition and paint with intention.” The three images below represent what he hopes to be a long series.


Idyllic America 3

Idyllic America 2

Idyllic America 1