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If Art is meant to disturb, David Saxton is a modern Dadaist creating afflictions on canvas

If George Baroque is right and “art is meant to disturb,” David Kevin Saxton is creating rebellion on canvas. Admittedly, uninterested in creating generic landscapes or pictures that are aesthetically pleasing, David hopes to illustrate the world as he sees it, through his eyes–-sometimes rebelling with imagery and sometimes absorbing the beauty that lies next to me.

As an artist he likes to create political pop art to illustrate his own social commentary of the world we live in. To stay true to his influence of Dadaism, David uses many classic techniques of collage, photo-montage, and assemblage — using multiple tools such as stencils, spray paint, acrylic paint, silk screens, computer generated images, plastic toys and even recycled garbage. Currently he resides in the coal baron lands of north eastern Pennsylvania, in a little cold city named Wilkes-Barre.

“The Greater Continental Pledge”