Can It All Be So Simple?

Cooped up in his London studio, Dale Edwin Murray spends another day scavenging through the infinite lands of cyberspace, patiently waiting for a likable idea to spontaneously present itself. It does, eventually, and henceforth the work journey begins; Hours, days, weeks later, the click of a button concludes the process and voila, the piece is ready for show.

Murray’s illustrative touch has been stretched from his own tee shirt line, Bananas Tees, to greeting card decor to miscellaneous advertisements and magazine features. Being a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, he is required to greet individual style with assigned task. The two are forced together in what would seem an uncomfortable operation, but contrarily Murray executes the act quite comfortably.

Scrolling down the face of Murray’s blog, guilty myself of indulging on the inglorious inter-web, I immediately was drawn in by what appeared to be Hip Hop icon cubism, a series called “Hip Hop Heads.” First came Tupac, followed by Biggie, who was then proceeded by my forever favorite Jay-Z & the list goes on. However, to my most pleasant surprise, I stumbled upon a different side of the artist as I continued on to the next page; Unveiled was a library of his conceptual pieces, and not so much the kind that require thought nor a sought out and buried undertone, but instead a snippet of blissful simplicity. With Murray, what you see is what you get.

Don’t get me wrong; My thoughts were provoked all right, and in the rarest, most precious moment, I had experienced instantaneous entertainment- sans a reflection of any sort. Murray relieved me of the usual trek through the musty jungles of my mental clutter to seek a “deeper meaning.” Mentally revitalized and physically eased, I vowed to perpetually honor the messaged delivered by the power vested in Dale Edwin Murray’s ever scribbling hand: It Can All Be So Simple.