Drapery, Battle Axes & Giambologna, The Many Powerful Individuals That Surround Christopher Lucania

Christopher Lucania is a young, passionate, self-taught artist who works primarily with mixed media on canvas. His work is void of personal meaning, rather he focuses on the emotional contrast of victory, redemption, and hope despite tragedy, judgement, and ultimate annihilation.

Working from his 15 years experience as a graphic designer, Christopher combines strong graphic figures, thick layers of texture, focused slashes of color, and the attitude of street art into powerful creations all his own. He draws his inspiration from the Renaissance, Baroque, decaying surfaces, Greek Mythology, and historical prose. Using an experimental and unusually unpredictable transfer method, each work captures strong imagery that somehow radiates both beauty and despair. Encompassed by unyielding contrast and transverse knife work, Lucania depicts his figures in their most absolute forms of supremacy, defiance, and affliction. Amongst twisted and contorted bodies, the artist balances and supports his quest for a complex mixture of emotion and an instant visceral reaction.

After working many years in seclusion, Christopher is now a exhibiting artist.


“The body of work I have created is heavily emotional-based rather than narrative. Casting aside personal/political agendas, I favor the challenge of delivering a purely emotional piece. Art on it’s most basic and primal level.

Fascinated by all things that find graceful ways of combining contrasting ideas, I strive to bring together dark & light, beauty & pain, victory & devastation. My work explores this complex mixture of emotion through a temperamental transfer process interwoven with layers of plaster, paint, and other mediums.

I am deeply moved and inspired by music, Bernini, mythology, the macabre, gladiators, my hair, intertwined bodies, drapery, battle axes, Giambologna, and the many powerful individuals that surround me…” – Christopher Lucania