Masked Somewhere Underneath This Monstrosity Of A Title Is Your Typical Tortured Artist

Oskar Brent Lawrence Malone. The four names named boy. Masked somewhere underneath this monstrosity of a title is your typical tortured artist, living in a damned state of puzzlement and isolation that can only truly be escaped through the execution of artwork. Primarily focusing on photography, Malone captures his idealistic reality with overlying shades of beauty, simplicity, and tranquility. His collection presents a mass of untold stories with no beginning or end, placing his subject somewhere in the midst. In this aspect, certain attributes of his work otherwise mimic his reality.

Being a fatherless and only child, Malone too found himself lost somewhere within the big picture, or merely floating along with it. With an atypical suburban Georgia upbringing, consisting of frequent home evictions and a wardrobe deprived of multicolored Polo shirts, he grew accustomed to not only his black sheep status, but the inconsistency of the story of he himself. Today, its ever-expanding negative space is where Malone hides, curious of what lies on the outside yet unsure if he will ever really find out.

At this point, he is living one day at a time exploring wherever it is his talent takes him. As far as the future goes, Malone intends to do the same, and in it, “be better than everyone else.” Regardless of the darkness he exudes, in his photographs I find evidence of his radiant subconscious at work.



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