Brand Nu

A picture speaks a thousand words, which is why Radim Malinic of BRAND NU is the go-to illustrator for all advertising and personal needs. His pictures, posters and debut publication are filled with spunky, pulsating layouts that have given him international attention. His current clientele include Smirnoff, AOL and more recently ADOBE Design. Radim let Art Nouveau Magazine get a snap shot of his world.

Art Nouveau Magazine: How did you get started?
Radim Malinic: Possibly as anyone else, I was intrigued by the whole process. I wanted to know what goes into it and how to achieve the results.

ANM: How would you describe your business?
RM: As Brand Nu I take on various briefs from music packaging to fashion illustrations and magazine art direction to identity development. It’s fun to keep the diversity going on, doing too much of a same thing could be a killer. We live in a throw away society [and] people want more all the time. We (industry) are producing stacks of work everyday, people aren’t interested in CDs anymore, they want new music in mp3 and a lot of it and the same kind of applies on the design scene. I am a full time freelancer and work pretty much around the clock as and when it’s needed to pull the socks up taking care of every aspect of the business. Promotion, invoices, calls … the lot. The upside is, I can take any time off I want. It’s a magic of a feeling when you can leave things as they are and come back to it later and continue.

ANM: Where is your work displayed?
RM: My work isn’t in any gallery as yet, you’d need to wait [until] May 2008. I’ve started a little project called ‘Nu Visual Language’ and it grew naturally into a monster of exhibition. You can find more details at Adobe DesignCentre is currently featuring some of my beauties at their online gallery. [It’s] pretty amazing to have them requesting my work to showcase. If you want to see my work first hand, you can pop in to any music store and look out for albums I’ve done designs for or find magazines with my cover illustrations. One of the latest CDs I’ve done is Endulge Records – True House. For some reason I love that one. When I received the actual CDs I couldn’t stop looking at them for ages.

ANM: Who are some of your clientele?
RM: My clientele is diverse as the work I do. I had had a chance to work on projects for bigger companies like BBC, Smirnoff, Toni & Guy, Orange, Soul Heaven Records or even Madonna’s production team, but I approach every brief in the same way. For me it’s always about constant evolution. So it doesn’t matter if the new work is for a little independent record label or an international brand, they will all get the [same] great results.

// Smirnofff – Imperfection, an advert illustration by Radim Malinic

ANM: How did you become interested in this field?
RM: When I was 14 [or] 15 my mother had a little ad agency, but [I] didn’t think of it much then. They did a lot of things manually, systems were in their nappies back then. Then I was involved in [the] music industry and knocked up a poster here and there but it wasn’t till much later when I start obsessing with type and graphic design.

ANM: What do you enjoy most about your work?
RM: It’s all about the feeling and satisfaction when you wrap up a project in the middle of the night. Working at night is so much better, there’s no distractions, not many people call, but there’s still some, less emails to deal with and I could fully concentrate and the creative thoughts [begin] pouring out. I love the freedom that I could apply to my work, decide on art direction and nail it.

ANM: Who would you like to work for in the future?
RM: I don’t have any dream clients and I take things as they come. One area that I’d like to explore is the movie industry. Oh and possibly maybe to do and collaborate more with interior and product designers.

ANM: What makes you different from other graphic designers?
RM: Believing it’s the consistency of the work I put out there. I’ve got my own style that people recognize, keeps them excited and interested [in] working with me again and again.

ANM: What piece of work or project are you the must proud of or is the most notable to you?
RM: Everything I’ve done has got the right place in my folio but my showcase book has to be the one at the moment. The collection of work just perfectly slotted in at that time and perfectly documents my work from those years. Since then the work has progressed and the output has been even better. Check out the interior murals I’ve done for Sloanes, 45square meters of illustration.

ANM: What is you ultimate goal in graphic design?
RM: I think I’ve already achieved it. [To be] happy as a pig in sh*t, doing what I love for a living.

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