PaperFrank’s “Afro Picks & Bunny Suits 2” at Archive Gallery

The force is strong with this one. On June 1, Artist/graphic designer PaperFrank will debut new works in an exhibition entitled “Afro Picks and Bunny Suits 2” at Archive Gallery. All work and merchandise will be for sale. If you’re in Atlanta and want to know where the art scene is heading, you need to make it out to this show.

Sponsored by Art Nouveau, Rock Smith, City of Ink & Atlanta Got Sole.

About The Artist: 20 year old City Of Ink tattoo apprentice, PaperFrank is a self-taught artist, graphic designer based out of Atlanta who specializes in super flat acrylic paintings and digital work. His works usually revolve around his fascination with bunny rabbits and how they can represent many things. PaperFrank uses many bright colors and “child friendly” illustrations to display thoughts and emotions.

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